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Quick update
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Thanks for all the well-wishes in my previous post! If you have any mushy food recipes you'd like to share, I'm all ears! I just have soup, soup, soup, and jello on hand for the next two weeks. -_-;;

Doing okay, feeling off and on dizzy and have that weird "punched in the jaw" sensation where the implant is screwed in.

I have a check up in about a week to possibly take the sutures out. Post will go in later. No idea when the tooth will be in place. *sigh*

Up long enough to update nemu*nemu with the 2 latest Olympics Challenge drawings (and flickr and dA if you've been watching those)... but I'm starting to feel the dizziness creep back in and it's time for me to lie back down. X_X;;
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Oh wow, is this leading up to the final procedure? Best wishes on your recovery! Think of it as a time where you have more of an excuse for Scott to wait on you ;)

Indeed.. They just drilled a hole into my jaw and put a titanium screw in. He covered it up and I go back in about a week to get things checked out. Not sure just when the actual post will go in, but from what I understand, the actual tooth will go in about 6 months from now.

Well, at least that'll happened before Kawaii Kon. XD;

How about smoothies? Can you have cold food? You just need some sorbet, ice, berries or fruit of choice and a blender!

I believe smoothies are good! I have some frozen berries and yogurt on hand... Maybe I can make some later this afternoon. *_*!

(Deleted comment)
Stock is your best friend.

Basic Chinese stock: simmer a fist-sized chunk of tough pork (not sure what cut; I don't handle critter in my household. Tough cheap pork XD) or a chicken carcass/bones or beef bones with a chunk of ginger and maybe a carrot for sweetness in a pot of water for an hour or so. Add dried shiitake shrooms for extra unami if you wish and feed them Mr. KS after straining them out. Strain and degrease stock when you think it's simmered long enough. XD

Rice porridge: Drat, I should pay more attention to proportions but basically something like 1/4 cup rice to 3 cups stock. You can always add more broth or water for a thinner porridge. Simmer until the rice is totally mush, ~1 hour. You can also use leftover cooked rice. Long grain or med/short grain doesn't matter much at this level of dilution.

Poaching an egg in porridge: When nearing the end of porridge cooking time, crack an egg into a bowl, make a hollow in the porridge (if very liquidy, just pour egg directly in) and gently pour the egg in. The porridge should be at a gentle simmer. Cook til whites are set and yolk is to desired state of doneness.

Egg drop soup style (can also do this to plain broth): Beat egg in a bowl, slowly pour into simmering porridge/stock while swirling the liquid with a chopstick in a figure 8 motion. This is more for when you need the protein but don't want to chew solid egg.

I'm not sure what this technique is called, but get some raw chicken meat and chop it very finely as you dribble some egg white onto it, winding up with smooth chicken paste. Season with salt. Poach small spoonfuls gently in stock or add to simmering porridge.

Oh, how about chawanmushi but without the lumpy bits? I've never made it before. Random googled recipe.

Simmer chunks of butternut squash or other squash in stock, then puree. If you don't have a blender or food processor, press it through a wire mesh strainer. I don't know if spices will irritate you, but if not, some curry powder will lend some flavor interest. Swirl in some milk or heavy cream if you're feeling posh or in need of calories.

Soft tofu and shoyu too obvious?

If you like quasi Tex-Mex, you can get canned refried beans and thin it out with water or stock. Not sure if melty cheese will be easy to eat or if it'll get stuck in the teefs.

If you're in need of a junky food fix, those Chef Boyardee canned pastas can be a godsend with their total lack of any substance. XD Spaghetti-Os are particularly flabby and require no chewing.

Sweet recipes tomorrow!

Thanks for the recipes! Does it work the same with canned chicken stock simmered with veggies? (Not sure when the next time I'll have chicken bones or tough pork on hand.)

Wow~ who knew that mushy food could still potentially be awesome? ^o^!

Yeah, any stock will do, or just plain water, but since you'll be on a relatively bland diet, any opportunity to add flavor should be taken. Just be careful about the sodium levels!

I second the rice porridge, ate that for days when I had sensitive teeth ^^ it's yum.

Just plain ol' rice and water. I just like to eyeball the consistency until it's to my liking XD you can always add more water if it's too dry, or if there is too much water wait till it evaporates a bt. FAIL PROOF (*__*) I highly recommend drizzling some shoyu on when eating~v

Oh! Good idea! I'll have to try this out for dinner! Super simple!

Mashed potatoes! You can make them with cheese, or top them with tuna, sauteed spinach, or other pureed veggies.

Refried beans with salsa, cheese, and avocadoes on top.

Hummus! If you can manage some soft bread, it's a great topping.

Smoothies! Ours are just frozen berries, banana, and juice. An immersion blender might be a good purchase for you this week. Those things are great.

Oatmeal! I like mine with brown sugar-banana compote (just heat a banana and some sugar in a little pan until it's soft and warm).

Cream of wheat! With brown sugar and cinnamon.

Soft polenta! Top with sauteed spinach and mushrooms, and parmesan cheese.

Bread pudding! An excuse to eat dessert for breakfast.

Regular pudding! It's pretty easy to make from scratch, or use the instant kind.


Soft tofu!

Scrambled egg!

...can you tell I have some experience with this? :)

Which tooth/teeth is being treated? Back or front? Because once the initial sting goes away, you'll probably be able to use the rest of your mouth, gingerly, but properly. And then you can go back to eating soft noodles and soft meats and so on!

Wow~ Thanks for all the suggestions! I think I'll have to do some shopping later this week~ I have some of the things mentioned, but since I'm not sure how long the sutures'll be in, I might be relegated to a soft foods diet for a couple weeks.

It's my second to the last molar on my left side (your right). All of my back bottom molars have had pretty deep cavities from somewhat lax dental hygiene from small-kid-time. I've had root canals and crowns on my right 2 and things got aggravated when my dentist replaced my filling on my left side - which resulted in the full extraction - after 2 root canals and a temporary crown. T_T;

According to my dentist, I should have my permanent crown screwed in .. in about 6 months. Not sure when the metal post will be going in. I'm thinking a couple more months to allow my jaw to heal.

How about "chowan-mushi"? Aka, Japanese steamed egg-custard?

Or Shanghai soup dumplings? (don't have a recipe for that, tho'.)

Plus, there are always the Chazuke-variations (rice and tea and whatever you like to throw in).

Polenta: corn-meal mush!

Lastly, how come you teased me with the border collie in your Olympic preview, but he has -yet- to appear in any of the challenges! Surely he could work for the hurdles or beach frisbee volleyball!

But Sam did pop in for the Equestrian event: http://www.nemu-nemu.com/2008/08/10/olympics_2008_challenge_day_3.php :D

Hrmm~ I should see if I can enter her into any of the other events.. XD

Ochazuke sounds like a good idea! I just have to check my pantry for some green tea.. I know we have some toppings in our fridge!

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm gonna have to try some of them out!

Oh! I thought that was a tease! I didn't realize it was equestrian (probably because the horse events haven't even started, so I totally forgot about them!). Yes, I'm sure she'd enjoy more spotlight!

While you're at it, the next time you post photos, can you post pics of Sam? I'd love to see her!

Chazuke is such a versatile base food...just add any old leftover and it will usually work out well.

Sorry I didn't see your last post until just now ^^;;;

It's good that you decided to go under. I wish I had done that when I was going through the process of getting a crown. They had to give me 8 injections of novicaine instead ;_;

I've been putting off going to get a check-up since then. It's been 7-8 months now. I'm really afraid they'll find something, and I'll have to go through the whole process all over again. That, and ever since I got Trigeminal Neuralgia, it hurts no matter what the dentist does.

When I couldn't eat solid foods, I lived on mashed potatoes and rainbow sherbert. LOL!

Throw into a blender a frozen banana, frozen melon, frozen mango, or frozen blueberries, yogurt and some milk or juice for smoothies.

Baked custard
2 egg yolks
3 eggs
1/2 C sugar
1/8 tsp salt
3 C hot milk (microwave or pre-heat on stovetop)
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Get a kettle of water boiling while you do the following steps.
Preheat oven to 325F. Butter a 1 quart baking dish or casserole, or 8 ramekins. Put into a roasting pan large enough to hold the baking dish or ramekins. In a bowl, beat together eggs, sugar, salt, milk and vanilla. Pour into baking dish or ramekins. Put the whole shebang into the oven, then fill the roasting pan with the hot water, enough to come up halfway the sides of the inner container. Bake 45 minutes or until set. A knife inserted near the center should come out clean. Can serve warm or chilled.
Other flavorings: 1 1/2 squares unsweetened chocolate, or 3/4 C semi-sweet choc chips (reduce amount of sugar by 2 TBS), melted into the hot milk. 2 TBS instant coffee powder, stirred in along with the milk.

Stovetop custard
3 eggs
4-6 TBS sugar (depending on your sweet tooth)
1/8 tsp salt
2 C hot milk (microwave or pre-heat on stovetop)
1 tsp vanilla extract

No whisk? Use a spatula or spoon.
Whisk together eggs, sugar and salt in a heavy-bottomed pot. Slowly whisk in hot milk and cook over medium-medium low heat until thickened and coats a spoon, 7-10 minutes, stirring constantly. If you see small bubbles form on the edge, remove from heat and keep stirring to prevent curdling. Stir in vanilla. Pour into a bowl, cover and chill. Custard will thicken as it cools.
Other flavorings: Cinnamon (1/2 tsp). Matcha (1/2 tsp or to taste). Instant coffee powder (1 TBS). Chocolate (1 square of unsweetened, or 1/2cup semisweet choco chips - using lesser amount of sugar). The add-in flavorings can be stirred in along with the hot milk.

3 TBS cornstarch
4 TBS sugar
1/8 tsp salt
2 C milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

In a heavy-bottomed pot, mix cornstarch, sugar and salt with 2 TBS of cold milk until smooth. Stir in remaining milk. Cook over medium low heat, stirring constantly, until thickened, about 15 minutes. Let cool, then stir in vanilla. Cover and chill, or serve warm.
Choco pudding: Add 2 squares unsweetened choco at the onset of cooking.

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