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So, I had my meeting with Sakihara-sensei today. I'm amazed how young she looks for 73. She's doing much better in terms of health and overall genki-ness than most people I know her age. Mindset and keeping busy must have something to do with it.

As much as I enjoy her company, I always seem to feel like the weight of the world is placed on my shoulders. She has a lot of faith in my ability (with kimono dressing) and has always been impressed with the fact that I showed true interest in the craft from a rather early age. (I met her back in 1995 when she was hosting a community event for kimono dressing.) I was her student for a good 4-5 years, even bringing a few of my friends and my mom along for the classes. I've always appreciated the time she's invested in me as I've always tried my best (despite inner protests) to accommodate her by participating in events and shows.

However, become her successor for the University Lab School Kimono Culture Program - I cannot do.

I learned a pretty valuable lesson about time when I was doing my library talks. When people say it's a "45 minute talk/event", this really means "3 hours or more". There is the issue of getting material prepped, going early to beat traffic, setting up, doing the actual event, answering questions, clean up, and then unwind after the event.

It's not that I don't share her passion for kimono or the culture surrounding it. It's not that I don't want to help. It's not that I don't feel guilty for saying no - I always seem to, but I, at this point, just can't be pulled in many different directions.

So, no. I cannot commit to something like this regularly - despite the fact it is a paid job.

And "no", is sometimes the hardest thing for me to say.

And since I forgot to post this earlier today~ 4 new Olympics challenge drawings. ^^

Olympics Challenge 3 by =nemu-nemu on deviantART

Olympics Challenge 4 by =nemu-nemu on deviantART

Olympics Challenge 5 by =nemu-nemu on deviantART

Olympics Challenge 6 by =nemu-nemu on deviantART

I have to admit - these have been fun to draw for the most part. I originally tried to draw them in Painter - failed miserably, then reverted to Photoshop... which is probably why they're not as clean as they could be. Some have proven to be rather challenging. I hope folks can guess what they all are. ^^

And - we just watched Ocean's 11 over dinner tonight. Not quite what I was expecting, but it turned out better than I anticipated. XD Not sure I want to see Ocean's 12 or 13. It's just odd that it arrived around the time Bernie Mac passed away. o_o (We're renting it via NetFlix.)
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