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Olympics... START!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
So the Olympics have finally started.

You know, it's been years since I've actually been "excited by" or "interested in" the Olympics in general. Not to say that I'm terribly excited by it this year, but despite all the hullaballou about China/Tibet/Communism, etc - I think to myself - HEY. China actually gets CLEAR SKIES for once in a blue moon. Now *that* has got to be something worth hollering about. :D

I'm also amused by their mascots... but I am EXCITED by the Vancouver ones for 2010. (SEE WHY.) MEOMI... *_____*

Anyhoo~ I'm making the most of things- while I'm busy working on my buffer for the next month and a half, I'm also doing a little challenge for myself. I know I don't draw half as much as I should be and must must must break out of this odd funk I've been in. So while the Games are running, I'll be posting quicky illustrations of the nemu*nemu cast taking part in each of the official events.

Olympics Challenge 1 by =nemu-nemu on deviantART

Olympics Challenge 2 by =nemu-nemu on deviantART

Today's "Comic": Olympics 2008

I know it's not really a "comic", per se - but I thought it would be best to hold my next chapter's start for next week~

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(Deleted comment)
Aren't they adorable? I was just excited the MEOMI was selected as the commissioned artists! I LOVE their stuff!

Hee~ I always like adding Sam in whenever I can. XD Too bad her owner is a butthead. XD

D: I didn't even know the Whistler games had any mascots! (Only seen the Beijing ones)

Your Olympics challenge illustrations are adorable *_*

Aren't they CUTE? I think they even have merchandise already available. *___*

Much thanks! I have many more coming! ^^

(Deleted comment)
So am I! Right now there's backpacks and stuffies.. but I'm hoping there's going to be more cool stuff closer to the actual games. ^^

i like the archery one :D
yay meomi!!! i love their stuff; i have two of their poster prints hanging on my cubicle walls.

Thanks! XD I think that was the very first one I drew~ :D

I love Meomi stuff too~~ I've been debating on whether or not to purchase some of their prints. I don't have much wall space at the moment. T_T; I've been trying to collect their books whenever I see them though!

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