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Kimono Culture
Persona 2: Maya
Hrm.. I always seem to get great ideas at the last minute. It must be my brain on lull mode whenever I have the free-time to think about things. Perhaps I just overthink things a great deal and just forget about keeping things simple.

Lovely Ladies All in a Row

This past weekend, my mom invited me to join her (with my mother-in-law) to see a kimono exhibit at the Japanese Culture Center on Monday. She thought it would be a good opportunity to see what's new with the Hakubi Kyoto School of Kimono and possibly catch up with my old kimono instructor, Sakihara-sensei.

We didn't see Sakihara-sensei that evening, but it was a packed house. They had to open a second room for the overflow and push all the performers into the back area. The presentation was an hour long, ranging from yukata dressing to furisode-style obi tying demonstrations and even the popular 3-minute self-dressing "dance". (It's something I started learning, but never mastered - they make it look so easy~ XD)

The highlight of the show was the Heian Court Dressing of the 12-layered kimono. This was my first time seeing it in person. Each model had two dressers, the front-most one being the more experienced. The narrator did a great job in explaining the layers and customs/traditions associated with the outfit.

It was a really good show~ However, while waiting to go on stage, one of the furisode models fainted. Although it happened - literally right next to me - I refrained from taking pictures as they were quickly disrobing her so she could cool down and get some air. It was pretty hot in the room, the stage lights were bright, and for those relatively new to wearing kimono, it can be rather constrictive about the waist/chest. She was helped away by the staff and other instructors and was looking better by the end of the evening.

That same evening, my mom had such a great time rehashing all these kimono culture memories, she resolved to contact my former sensei to ask if we could informally meet this weekend. I'm of mixed feelings about this.. but I figured I should go and see her again. We're set for this Saturday.. as it's my only free weekend before my implant surgery. (Then I *really* won't be in any mood to meet with people.) We'll see how things go~

Today's Comic: Wipe Out

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Lovely pictures! The Heian court models look like dolls!

(I'd probably pass out after the first 3 layers. Geez, I knew there were a lot of layers, but had no idea it was THAT many!)

wow that looks amazing! I hadn't even known there was a kimono exhibit ^^;

it's amazing and a little sad that a lot of girl's in Japan don't know how to dress in kimono. when I went, the girls I talked to didn't even know how to tie obi ;_; I hadn't realized it was like that... @_@

(Deleted comment)
OMG Sakihara sensei?! TT___TT
I love that lady~~~

The 3-minute dance is so fun to do with friends
because cracking up at mistakes is inevitable. X3

that kimono exhibit looks so cool (*_*) omg heian! best kimono period ever!

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