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Quakes & Food
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Wow~ Twitter is a pretty powerful force. When things like earthquakes happen, I get wind of them almost the second after it happens! I'm glad to hear most everyone is okay post-SoCal earthquake!

Yesterday's dinner was Bacon Rice from Rachel Rappaport's Coconut & Lime food blog. It was super simple to make - just a lot of prep work. I don't have a wok, making fried rice is sometimes a pain - and quite oily. So this was a really nice alternative to getting all the flavors without all the frying. I used baby bok choy instead of the gai lan - since KS' is no fan of the stuff (basically "choi sum, right?") I fried up the bacon in tiny strips for maximum crispiness. The nice thing is, I prepped everything - the omelette, the veggies, the bacon, the rice about an hour and a half before we actually ate. I tossed everything together when we were ready for dinner and everything tasted great - not gummy or rock-hard. I highly recommend this recipe~ I know I'll be making it in the somewhat near future~ :D

Also, since I've been cooking from home more and more as of late, we've found that our gas bill is rising through the roof. I might need to rethink any more roasting/baking/broiling in the oven... and limit how many stews/chilis/sauces I make. *sigh* We just can't win.

Today's comic: Postcards

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic.

Note: The punchline from today's comic is based on a true story. XD Read in the comments to get the full dish.

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that sounds yummy~v v v always on the look out for a new recipe! (*___*) gotta get back into the cooking mode before school starts!

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