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Tweets for Today

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  • 08:06 Argh.. I hate this humid weather.. I'm all itchy. X_X;
  • 08:21 Can anyone vouch for the new Sharpies pens that supposedly don't bleed through paper?
  • 08:38 A/C air filters and vents cleaned.. I think the vents were more dirty than the filters. :\ What a pain to clean.
  • 09:56 Oh Neil Patrick Harris.. you SRSLY MAKE MY DAY
  • 11:28 Having some.. "technical difficulties" with my scanner previews...
  • 13:32 It's hard to feel good about my stuff when I read through the Flight stories. X______X;; Talk about being on a completely different level.
  • 13:33 Flight 5 had me BAWLING a few minutes ago. Had to put it down and go back to work.
  • 14:01 Hrm.. I somehow managed to get a nick on my knuckle and can't seem to find the neosporin. Again.
  • 18:30 Dinner of Bacon Rice turned out spectacularly yum! Pretty simple too~
  • 22:05 *sigh* I think I've had my fill of Yogurtland for a short while. *pats tummy*
  • 22:05 Interestingly enough - semi-celebrity sighting - Kanoe Kamana'o was in line for yogurt. XD
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