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Weekend Fly By!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Sadness - I missed out on the San Diego Comic Con this year. From all accounts, folks seemed like they had an awesome time. I hope airfare prices are more reasonable next year. I'd like to go - but most likely not as a dealer. (Just can't afford it just yet.)

This weekend was crazy busy for us. Lots of errands to be run. We missed the KCC Farmer's Market (where I usually buy fresh herbs and veggies from) and opted to hit the Sunday market at Manoa Marketplace. Thankfully, the deals are comparable and the selection is decent. Hit the neighboring Safeway for all the last of our groceries like bread, tofu, dry spices, etc. I'm hoping to try a number of vegan/vegetarian dishes on KS. (Source of inspiration is here)

Hawaii has a few health food markets (Down to Earth and Umeke being the two coming to mind first) and finding specialty ingredients can be difficult. I had to hunt down "nutritional yeast" and "tofutti cream cheese". No luck with the later. I'm also looking for small bottles of Vegemite, but no luck here either. Might have to mail order those guys. *sigh*

In other news, we had to make the drive out to Kaneohe a couple times to talk to representatives from the Windward Mall Borders. I tried contacting them earlier about possibly selling our nemu*nemu books there, but it seems like our contact information... mysteriously was misplaced. (read: discarded/lost, I gather.)

So I tried again this weekend and lo-and-behold, I got in touch with the right people. :D So now, the great news - we have copies of nemu*nemu Volume 1 & 2 at the Windward Mall Borders. Hurrah! We also restocked copies at the Ward Borders. It's really good to know that our books are selling! Yay!

Other bad news - I just got my very first jury summons. I've been wondering when they'd get around to me... I put in my request to be deferred. I have my oral implant surgery the week before and I'm supposed to be down-and-out for at least a week following. I'm trying my best to get my buffer back in shape so I can ride out these times without worrying about my upcoming updates. This really isn't going to help.

My month-long period is still in effect. I called my OBGYN for advice and he prescribed Ibuprofen tablets. Supposedly higher doses of the stuff help to alleviate bleeding. I'm not sure if it's "slowing down" or not. Can't wait for my body to regulate itself again.

I've also been listening to classical music again. Partially due to me listening to select tracks (like.. 2?) from Nodame Cantabile and slowly reading through the comic. Can't quite say I'm hooked on the series yet, but there are some really great moments. ^^

Lastly! Remember I mentioned that I won the Beri-Kyu Idol Contest that morningberryz hosted on her blog? (Momoko won- yay!) Anyhoo, the grand prize was a copy of the Berryz Kamen vs. Cutie Ranger Nakayoshi Battle Concert Tour 2008. :D Thanks everyone who helped vote! I opted for the Berryz version of the DVD extras. I just got it in the mail this past weekend! I haven't had time to watch it (I think KS is cringing at the thought... XD;;), but we just got a new TV (to replace our broken one) from Costco, so this might be the most opportune time to view it~ XD Yay!

Initial pre-viewing thoughts: 1) I don't really like Miyabi's hair style for this show and 2) Captain Saki is quickly rising as one of my favorite H!P KIDS. I hear she has a dance-off with Saki N. for one of the performances. I think she totally rocked it right for High King. I wish she were pushed to the front more often. Just a passing thought.

Today's Comic: Speechless

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!
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I want so badly to go to SDCC at some point. As a geek it is my duty to experience it at least once.

A couple months ago I got the dreaded jury summons. I was this close to getting picked for trial -- but I think my for-god's-sake-don't-pick-me vibe must have worked. At least I got $40 for the day. XD

If anything, it's an experience to just attend~ It's super crazy there. XD I hear it gets more and more crazy with each passing year. XD

I sort of fear the whole jury summons thing.. When my mom was picked, she was on some trial that lasted over a month. X_X;; $40 a day in that case just sucks. T_T;;

Awwww.... for some reason I thought you were still planning to go to SDCC... Well anyhow, I didn't go either. I did go to Otakuthon in Montreal though and I gave out most of the remaining promo cards there. Otakuthon was really fun and it was nice to be at a smaller con where I actualy had time to look at things and even cosplay a couple times! :o Hopefully some of those people will be visiting your site soon!! I'm writing this from eaglemaina 's computer and it is hard to make proper punctuation because of the strange French keyboard. -_-; I will write a proper con report when I get home... :)

PS. Were you watching the Nodame anime or the dramaÉ I only saw the drama but I rather liked it. :)

Thanks so much for helping us again with our promo cards! XD BTW- have you heard any news about pricing? ^^ Again, no rush - I know you need some recovery time from convention hopping~ :D

No SDCC for us this year... just too expensive. Then we were sponsored to do library talks statewide, so that pretty much sealed the deal for us. We'll probably try to attend next year. Pro passes make things much sweeter. XD

I've been reading the manga~ Folks have been gushing about the drama and anime and I became somewhat curious. ^^

Oh! I was kind of waiting for you! I thought you guys hadn't decided which size, etc. you wanted to make...

I'm kind of torn now, Otakuthon was a *lot* of fun this year and I'm seriously considering going back next time. But I think a lot of people I know are planning to go to SDCC next year so I guess I'll have to decide closer to the time. :)

I suggest trying the drama. I had actually tried reading the manga before and didn't find it engaging enough. But the drama really hooked me. :)

Indeed! :D Thanks again~ XD

(Deleted comment)
Wow, the vegan food blog looks sooo good!

Wow, Hawaii is hard - you don't have Trader Joe's or Whole Foods! I've had a hard time finding nutritional yeast outside of WF (which is weird, because it's fantastic on almost everything), but a lot of normal grocery stores around here stock Tofutti cream cheese. (It's a little harder to find the kind without trans-fat, sadly.) Vegemite.. I don't even know where to get Vegemite, maybe WF?, but it's terrible awful stuff so I've never really looked for it.

I know! I can't wait to try those smokey tofu sammiches. O_O Everything else I tried has been really yummy. Just made these roasted eggplant and tomato sandwiches.. and I added some zucchini to the baking sheet with italian herbs. It was surprisingly good. Super tasty and I wasn't missing the meat. :D

We won't have a Whole Foods until maybe late this year to mid next year. They've been trying to build one for years, but they kept running into issues with Native Hawaiian burial sites on the construction grounds. >_>... Most of it was squared away, but construction was delayed a number of times because of it.

Vegemite is one of those things that I can see why most people hate it. It kinda reminds me of shoyu paste and natto... but I like savory stuff. ^^

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