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Back in the Saddle Again
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Yay! It's a real post after long long last!

We have officially completed out summer talk tour with our local libraries. (20 of 51 total.. in a month and a half...) Everything went well, with very minor technical difficulties. :D Met a lot of awesome people - from long-time readers to new and aspiring artists in our community. :D

It was a super learning experience for the both of us. I'm not much of a public speaker by trade, but within the past month and a half, I've become a lot more comfortable with the platform and learning how to tailor my talks to best fit my audiences. :D

I'm terribly glad it's over though - I had eaten through my buffers earlier this summer and had very little time to catch up... so I've been working from week to week. This is the first time I actually have a buffer back for me to do things like taxes, do inventory checks, and prep dinners so we can save money and eat at home. >_<;; (Much less make personal blog posts like this one~)

I am rounding out the first month of my depo shot and for the most part, things are good. I haven't had the crazy horrible cramps as I was having with the endometriosis and cysts running rampant, which is a marked improvement. I haven't been having headaches, which is also a good sign.

However, my face is starting to break out again. I went to the dermatologist to get it checked out and was prescribed a couple cleaners and lotions. So far, I have mixed reactions... It's calmed *some* of the breakout, but I missed one day when I went home to help my family clean house and BOOM, it came back two-fold. That, and the medication is making my face more and more red and sensitive - doubled with hot, humid summery days, not good. I have a month or so before I check back in for a second appointment... so I'm just waiting things out. Thankfully, I don't have many "public appearances" from now until October. XD;;

Second problem with depo - My period started earlier this month with light spotting and has graduated to a regular flow... but this period is moving into its third week. I'm kinda frustrated because 1) I'm running out of pads, 2) I'm developing "diaper rash" from constant use of paddage, 3) I'm tired of feeling just plain crappy.

Last night took the cake. I had been having "mild" (by comparison) cramps since mid-afternoon which gradually got worse throughout the day and evening. By the time I went to sleep, it was uncomfortable. Then I woke up at 4am when it was unbearable - a mix between upset stomach and cramps. I took a couple Tylenol and attempted to go back to sleep. I woke up at 7:30 and just had to rest a little longer to make up for the restless night. *sigh*

I can only hope that things improve from here on out. X_X;

I'm really sad that we're missing SDCC this year. We had planned to go, but the summer reading program talks and cost of travel just made it very difficult for us to attend. We had pro passes, so we should be set for next year, but for now, we're eavesdropping for SDCC info via twitter. XD


KS and I have gone twice... and I'd love to go again, but it's getting really crazy busy. We went last night near closing and there was a line out the door. o_o; I also found that we pay 39cents/oz. rather than the rest of the world who pays only 30cents/oz. :\

I really like the plain tart, strawberry, pistachio, and chocolate. I could go back for those any day... with chichidango mochi bits and rainbow sprinkles.

Yes. Rainbow sprinkles. I love the stuff. *__*!

I'm glad they're planning to open a second location in Pearl City. Yum.

I could use one... right about now~ TT

Friday's Comic: Mail Bites

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

Sorry for the lack of posting here lately with these comic updates~ Since we switched to this new format, it's become a little more difficult to grab the preview. To see our previous comics, just click on the "previous comic" links~ :D

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Glad to see you are doing better, but I empathise with you regarding the period stuff...just isn't fun. I hope your doctor can help. Make sure you are getting more progesterone than estrogen. Prgesterone helps keeps the cysts down, estrogen actually makes them more of a problem.


Indeed~ I'm thankful that I don't have any other serious side effects... but a month-long period is kinda pushing it. :\ I'm just going to have to patiently wait it out until I stop having my periods all together.

He prescribed 600mg tablets of ibuprofen to help curb the bleeding. So far, I'm not sure if I've noticed a difference. ^^;

If it's motrin and it's not helping, make sure to let your doctor know. Sometimes it's not the best thing to take for this lovely problem.

I was checking out a number of things on-line because I'm also going through the same thing as you, and there are new procedures out there that are a bit more invasive but in the long run are less hard on the body than hormone therapy. It's so hard to know what is the right thing to do because each person is different.

I'm hoping both your's and my problems stop right now. *sigh* Hugs and all that stuff, 'cuz I know it's no fun.

*hugs* from me too!

Someday I have to go the SDCC... maybe I can get it together for next year.

@_@ three week period . . . holy. . . !!
hope it gets better (;____;) I get mine HEAVY (cold sweat: check), I feel your pain (=_=;;;)

omg I just came back from another trip to yogurt land~v that place is addicting. But maaan the line was out the door. . . on a Thursday night (@_@;;;) my new favorite is hands down PEACH~v v v Mmmmm. . . and then peanut butter (*__*) +chichi mochi all over.

I have yet to try the Peach.. I REALLY like the plain tart, strawberry, and pistachio. The NY Cheesecake tastes like cream cheese~ :D We've gone 3 times within the past week... and I've been craving more. *_____*;;;

Have you visited the OBGYN yet? Just to make sure you don't have any problems down there. (Like my unchecked endometriosis and bleeding cysts... X____X;;; Dear God - and here I thought my cramps were from food I was eating. ^^;;)

NYCheesecake sounds so good (*__*)

not yet (//_//) . . . I've been thinking about it tho, I have to admit I'm a bit paranoid of going;;; (good thing they got that cleared up for you >___<)

I want to go baaaaack~~~ T______T! So easy for my buckets to cost more than $4... Especially when I start dumping in chichidango mochi and rainbow sprinkles... T____T!

OBGYN isn't bad, really. It's good to go once a year for check-ups. Just a note - women OBGYNs are in high demand, so appointments can take a while to schedule. Most men OBGYNs on the other hand, have pretty open schedules - at least from my experience.

*hugs!* That sounds horrible! Really really horrible ;-;! I know some people have used it okay but their period gets really random and then lasts really heavy for a while. What were the benefits of depo v pill besides the not having to think about it for 3 months? (versus suffering from face and cramps and bleeding for 3 months)? @_@

I think everyone reacts differently to hormonal birth control. I've tried various types to curb my cyst growth from pills to the ring to patches. Everything I tried up until this point gave me migraines or nausea.

I'm also pretty terrible with taking pills regularly...so having a shot in the rear every 3 months isn't too bad. So far, no nausea or migraines, which is a huge relief for me.

Seems like the month-long spotting-->bleeding-->spotting is pretty normal. It's not a "heavy" flow, but just enough for me to keep checking, so to speak. I was prescribed some higher dosage of ibuprofen to alleviate the bleeding. Not sure if it's working for me yet, but it does help with the mild cramping. ^^

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