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Tweets for Today
n2-Anpan OMP!!
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  • 08:46 Today's nemu*nemu strip is up! www.nemu-nemu.com
  • 09:51 One thing I have a consistent problem with is trying to figure out how to EQUALLY divide my panels when my template is an odd size. ^^;;;
  • 09:55 A short blog post about the *other* hat nemu wears: tinyurl.com/6jtmlh
  • 09:59 Drafting all sorts of strips.. all out of order. Such is my brain today
  • 10:22 more scanning to be had~
  • 10:43 Holy Potato! I want one of these for my birthday! bit.ly/2SeYux
  • 10:44 And these would make awesome secondary "cakes" : bit.ly/48v64q
  • 11:07 Announcement: Art & Story 1st anniversary CONTEST: tinyurl.com/6cfj6o
  • 11:09 Does anyone have any news on the new "slimmer" Nintendo DS?
  • 11:17 Digitally inking~ 5 strips to go.
  • 12:08 Hungry~ Finally prepped all my drafts for inking... now for leftover spaghetti~!
  • 12:19 This whole wheat pasta is actually pretty good! It doesn't stick together like regular pasta. :D
  • 12:42 Lunch done - cleaned up and back to inking while I wait for the curtains to dry.
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