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Tweets for Today

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  • 08:42 Toe still hurts a bit. >_<; Made for uncomfortable sleeping last night. :\
  • 08:58 I am highly amused right now. Mweeheeehee~
  • 09:06 The sheer amount of spammage accounts that "friend" me is becoming ridiculous.
  • 09:20 Hrm.. we're out of milk and bacon. I wonder if the pasta leftovers from Friday are okay to eat.
  • 09:22 I have 3 strips to ink and color... and an EOS strip to complete by tomorrow. Can I do it? o_o;
  • 10:00 Monday nemu*nemu strip UP:
  • 10:46 Art & Story Alive in about 15 minutes~
  • 10:47 I can't call in today, but I'll be listening in the chatroom~ XD;
  • 12:14 Great A&S Alive chat! :D Always much fun to shoot the breeze with fellow comic creators and enthusiasts~ ^^
  • 12:22 Looks like my Thursday and Friday are going to be massive summer-cleaning days with Mom. *sigh*
  • 14:22 popped some popcorn and heated up some chili. Not sure if that was the most healthy of lunches, but it'll do~ ^^;
  • 14:22 1 strip inked, 2 more to go.
  • 19:33 2 strips done. one more to go!
  • 21:02 McDonalds Chocolate Milkshake and small fries == full for the rest of the night.
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