Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

Tweets for Today

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  • 12:20 Got my Mustek ScanExpress A3 USB scanner working on my Mac. HURRAH!
  • 12:22 Testing out different setting~
  • 12:41 Prepped for today's talk at Kaimuki Library at 2pm~
  • 15:35 Finished talk at Kaimuki Library! Audience of 74 showed. O_O!
  • 15:36 One more talk to go next week Sunday in Kaneohe! I can see the light! But for now, jamba juice su-na-kku-ta-i-mu.
  • 16:43 Back from Jamba Juice run with some BBQ popcorn.
  • 17:09 Wow! I won the BeriKyuu Idol contest! XD! BK & C-ute Nakayoshi Battle DVD GET!
  • 18:00 Will post photos from weekend talks later this evening~ I gotta get this review done first.
  • 18:46 OMG! I managed to stub my pinky toe in the same place THREE TIMES TODAY. My nail is literally split to the cuticle. ARGH.
  • 18:48 And to top things off - SAD. My BBQ flavored popcorn makes me sneeze. >_<; *toss*
  • 20:08 ARGH. The nail is peeling upwards. >_<;; I gotta get my a pair of slippers to walk with. My crocs are not going to work.
  • 23:15 Just about time for me to get to sleep. Wonder how I'm going to protect my toe. :\
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