Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
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Tweets for Today

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  • 06:04 Standing in line. =_=
  • 06:05 Fatal flaw in plan... Where is the bathroom?
  • 06:13 Blogging "iPhone lines"
  • 06:33 I have a chair!
  • 06:37 hrm.. light morning drizzle.
  • 06:48 getting food~
  • 07:06 breakfast eaten. another hour to go.
  • 07:40 line here is outside the parking lot. •_•;; cars coming thru threaten to run over folks in line. XD;
  • 08:03 store has finally opened. line is condensing
  • 08:18 first guys in line ate leaving with their phones
  • 08:37 - getting our iPhones right now!
  • 08:53 Back at home with our new iphone 3Gs!
  • 08:56 iPhone 16gb white!
  • 09:25 I am officially twiitering from my new iPhone 3G! Spifftacular!
  • 09:46 テスト! iPhoneから!
  • 09:47 you have to set up the international keyboards in settings but you can choose kana or Qwerty. takes some getting used to methinks~
  • 10:01 Latest nemu comic: Shore Break!
  • 10:03 Ah~ now to ponder the sale of my old iphone~ Ah we've had good times . TT
  • 10:48 going to eat some food before trekking down the Kilohana Square.
  • 11:30 Back from errands. Boy.. Although Kilohana Square is literally down the street, it feels like miles when walking up and down hills...
  • 11:35 OMP WALL-E ISH REAL~
  • 13:17 Broke down and cleaned and sharpened scissors. :\ After cutting tons 'o tape, the thing just wasn't working.
  • 15:52 Sequential Artists Pub talkcast live
  • 19:52 Had an awesome dinner of pasta and roasted vegetables! :D
  • 21:50 I feel really tired tonight~ Might head to bed early and try and get some inks and colors done tomorrow~
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