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Tweets for Today
n2-Anpan OMP!!
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  • 00:14 Alright.. time for me to hit the sack. Tomorrow will prove to be another action-packed day... I'm sure.
  • 09:41 Wednesday's comic: HULA! twurl.nl/rhxbsj
  • 09:55 Going to get me a bowl of Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal. Hungry~~~
  • 10:55 Darn itchy back! X___X;;
  • 11:11 As per request: some avatars from today's strip: twurl.nl/rygrik XD
  • 11:53 attemptiing to draft out more strips.
  • 13:37 scanning drafts~ So slow~~ T__T;
  • 16:04 frozen peas are helping me cool down~
  • 19:07 At the hellboy 2 premier skitch.com/t/fem
  • 21:57 Hellboy 2 was actually pretty good! Very much a del Toro film.
  • 23:44 going to bed- body's sore from sitting in line at the theater.
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