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Tweets for Today
n2-Anpan OMP!!
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  • 12:35 I am just on the edge of "uncomfortably full" with my 1/2 lbs. turkey burger, fries, and medium lemonade. X_X;;
  • 12:36 drafting strips for the week~ the sad thing is - the following week's strips are already done. >_>;;
  • 14:43 Hrmm... I wonder if I should even bother looking into AX09 as a remote possibility. Perhaps I'll just stick to Fanime for now.
  • 19:14 Just finished eating dinner. Chili, lemon & cheese pasta, and arugula salad. I am a nice level of full. :D
  • 21:31 *phew* finished strip for tomorrow just in time. I have the rest of the week plotted, thank goodness.
  • 23:06 Monday's strip is up!
  • 23:45 sleep time for me! Might need to call the dermatologist tomorrow.. Face is breaking out. T_T;
  • 08:11 Up and about.. attempting to update our talk materials for tomorrow.
  • 08:12 Monday's nemu*nemu up~ :
  • 08:24 Waiting for the Cable dude to come and replace our modem... again.
  • 09:16 Checking tweets for iPhone until cable dude is done-
  • 09:31 woah! when did Kauai Mayor Bryan Baptiste pass away??
  • 09:33 Humm.. this Kashi Autumn Harvest cereal is better than frosted mini wheats!
  • 09:38 Topped cereal off with a small bowl of vanilla yogurt with ginger powder and honey. Yum!
  • 10:20 I just do not have my drawing groove on today.. what's going on? T_T;
  • 10:21 Thwirl just paused my updates. Back to using the Twitter web app.
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