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Morningberryz BeriKyu Idol Contest Finale
GS - Minuki's Confident
Folks want to help me win a H!P DVD? XD;;;

I'm actually one of three finalists in a blog-contest to pick the top H!P Kids in an American Idol type judging. The battle is currently in the finals between Airi Suzuki of C-ute and Momoko Tsugunaga of Berryz Koubou. I actually like both of them, but at the beginning of the contest, I selected both Airi and Momo as the finalists with Momo winning the competition.

I missed the "early entry" date, so despite having selected both finalists before the competition started, I have to get this last one correct to win the prize. If Airi is selected, the contest will continue on for the other 2 finalists.

So vote Momoko, please? XD;

Actually, just participate if you have the time, and choose who you feel should win~ This person puts a lot of time and effort into her blog posts on VOX and I'd like to see her get more support. Interestingly enough, she's (?) also from Hawaii and is pretty much into a lot of similar older J-pop stuff - like me! XD;


Go Momoko!

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I prefer momoko too <3. Little spazz ball

LMAO! I love Airi, but I also love Momoko! She's adooorable~ I vote for you XD

Haha, how funny, Kie and I "cosplayed" Airi and Momoko this weekend for the karaoke contest. XD

I saw the photos! So cute! Those two are my favorite of the H!P Kids to date. ^^

No Miyabi, huh? XD;;

We had a Miyabi. XD But maybe she wasn't with us when that picture was taken. Hehe.

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