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Tweets for Today
n2-Anpan OMP!!
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  • 13:31 at the booksale. Hot as always- nothing of interest this time
  • 17:06 getting ready to head into Waikiki for an early dinner. Or so we hope.
  • 17:26 Waiting in line for dinner
  • 17:29 We're seated!
  • 17:53 pondering if I should switch back to hahlo when twittering from my mobile..
  • 17:56 Dinner is served
  • 18:28 I am officially full.
  • 18:55 Sunset near the tweet up
  • 19:57 It's a good talk underway~ pretty large turn out.
  • 21:00 leaving the talk early- before parking meter expires~
  • 22:29 I am tired for some reason. T_T
  • 22:55 This picture and comment cracked me up~ XD
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