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Tweets for Today

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  • 08:18 how frustrating... Our net service kills our connection after midnight.. Taking down our server...
  • 08:20 not to mention our neighbor name a lot of noise at 5 in the morning... Honking horns, shouting, laughing loudly..
  • 08:23 hrmmm. Gotta go grocery shopping sometime this weekend.
  • 11:59 Drafting out some strips for next week. Also gotta start cracking on new promo items. X_X;
  • 12:07 Ahahaha~ I'm such a dork. I finally found the 2.5 Special Best mini album for Berryz工房, 1-3 of Chii's Sweet Home, and きょとんチャン。at book-off!
  • 12:09 I saw Tenten Hosokawa's きょとんチャン。short comics at the Friends of the Library Book sale in the Comics ESSAY magazines. SO EXCITED to find this!
  • 12:12 My purchases from Book-off last night
  • 12:15 Billy Batson and the Magic of SHAZAM! by Mike Kunkel is pretty awesome. *__*!
  • 14:41 Just finished coloring 3 strips. (Inked and flatted earlier) Unfortunately for me, they're out of sequence. Drafting 4 more.
  • 17:54 I can't win with twitter... I'm on the web version and I *know* I'm missing tweets... Twitterrific's been on the fritz too.
  • 20:16 eating at Banana leaf pasta cafe~ the owners are here.
  • 20:21 Bread and butter is served~
  • 20:23 Chicken Romano is served!
  • 20:42 pasta was good! Flavorful, but not overdone- I really like the spicy tomato sauce~ :9
  • 23:52 Illustration done.. well, at least the FIRST HALF. T___T;
  • 23:59 Going to get some sleep~ I hope most of the fireworks are done.. The dog is still pretty spooked.
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