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Happy 4th of July~
n2-Anpan OMP!!
I wonder what's been going on with our net connection when we sleep? For the past couple days, the server goes down right after we turn in for the night. Because we've both been trying to catch up on sleep, we miss hearing the alarms. In turn, the site is down for 5+ hours until one of us wakes up.

I'm going to try and turn off my computer backup function and see if that makes a difference. It usually starts at 1am and finishes within the hour.

Anyhoo- today's comic is a bit special. It took longer than most, but I think I got the feel I was hoping for. I'm definitely not a landscape artist by ANY means, and to get things to look right can be a struggle for me. I've been slowly challenging things that have been problematic for me and feel it can only help me improve in the long run~ ^^

Today's comic: The Journey

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic.

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I love the colors of today's comic. :3 It's beautiful. Reminds me of the hikes I used to take with my friends.

BTW, Happy Independence Day! :)

very beautiful strip ^^

I thought it was quite pretty. Makes me want to go to Hawaii someday (of course, I already wanted to go ... but this makes me remember why I want to go -- not for the ultra-touristy beaches, that's for sure).

That is gorgeous! I love the scenery.

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