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Tweets for Today

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  • 08:25 Have I been missing a lot of replies as well? o_O;I know I missed a lot when I was on the neighbor islands. X___X;
  • 08:45 doing some "early" morning sketches.
  • 09:06 Roy Chang's MidWeek editorial cartoon featuring the Anpan & Nemu hats! XD
  • 09:17 argh.. I took out the trash, now there's a fly in the house. >___<;
  • 09:21 I feel hungry... but need to take a quick shower first.
  • 12:34 It is just too hot. X_X;; Made it home in one piece with KS' car.
  • 12:39 Trying to work up the energy to wash my clothes. =__=;; The dogs are all outside in the laundry area for some reason.
  • 13:47 Waiting for my first load of laundry to be done. Just missed Pat's call - seems like some people recognize our goods from Fanime at AX! :D
  • 13:47 I think I gotta wash the dishes.. >_>;;
  • 14:12 My order from cometh!
  • 17:25 I really like these art brush watercolor pens! :D Will show doodles later~ ^^
  • 19:08 eating dinner at the pizza hut buffet
  • 22:05 We have a special strip up for Friday! (Not *quite* specifically for Independence Day, but the sentiment's there~)
  • 23:33 eyes are drying out... feeling heavy... time to get to sleep~ =___=~
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