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Library Talks Continued and CultureSHOCK Revisited

We are finally winding down to the very last of our Teen Summer Reading Talk Tour. We have 5 more stops (out of 20!!!) and we're positively looking forward to them. Tonight's stop is Kapolei - one of the state's newest libraries on the West-side. Thankfully we have a break this weekend (due to the 4th of July weekend), but things start up next Tuesday with Salt Lake-Moanalua, then the Hawaii State Library in Downtown on Saturday the 12th, Kaimuki on Sunday the 13th, and our final stop at Kaneohe Library on Sunday, the 20th. :D

Something we've noticed is that we can tell right off the bat which librarians really understand what we are doing and if they sincerely support their programs - the turnout numbers really show. Any effort they put forth to publicize their own programs really are returned ten-fold.

This goes to prove that you shouldn't be expecting miracles to fall in your lap if you don't work towards anything - be it a goal, strengthening a belief, striving for greatness, learning something new, etc.

We sometimes forget that we have to put in our due efforts to reap some rewards. I know I do sometimes~

Anyway - the countdown finally begins for Anime Expo 2008. We're not going this year - it's a little out of our league at the moment, but Pat of VUDUBERI will be hosting some of our select goods from Fanime at her booth in the dealer's room! So, if you're looking for shirts, books, or even pups, they'll have a few on hand. Regardless, folks should REALLY check out their stuff. Pat, CP, FSc, and Saka are all superb artists in their own right and will likely have stuff you'd be interested in. (I'm a fan of their shirts - super stylish and comfortable. I wear mine all the time... *__*)

For everyone going, HAVE A GREAT TIME! :D POST PHOTOS!!!

And lastly, I'm continuing with Kana and Nemu's adventures in Hawaii~ I think I missed posting the shave ice strip from Monday here, but we're moving head to the aftermath with a couple special cameos from some of my old CultureSHOCK! strips from college.

Talk about a blast to the past - I hope that I've grown as an artist since 1998...

I have about 20 of the original strips re-scanned and cleaned up for viewing - I intended to have all of them ready by the time I posted today's strip, but I ran out of time. I'll be slowly adding more and more strips to our make-shift gallery.


Today's Comic: Young at Heart

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic.
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