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Drawing the Line
n2-Anpan OMP!!
I can see where things are going and I'm not buying into it.

I don't have a lot of time to waste on sites like Poupee Girl where I can spend hours worrying about late-night updates, attendance, ribbons, commenting, etc... I have better things to do - and should be doing. X__X I'm going to start selling off all my items for super cheap in the market - if they don't sell, they're going to the shell recycling bin and I'm going to close off my account. (If I knew how to give items to people I would.)

When I start eyeing the "buy ribbon" function to supposedly "keep up", I know it's time to cut things and move on.


In the meanwhile, KS and I just finished our neighbor island talk tour. 3 islands in 3 days - 2 stops each is SUPER GRUELING... but we got to eat lots of yummy food. Even found one of the best pizza joints EVER.


We're not quite out of the woods yet - we have 2 more this week and a handful sprinkled over the next couple weeks. I think I'm getting the hang of this public speaking thing! ^^


I've also been pretty lax about updating our recent strips here - sorry about that... being away from my home computer has taken its toll (updating from iphone is not as easy...). Ani and Anpan's story has more or less come to a conclusion (for the time being) while Kana and Nemu's story is currently unfolding.

Today's Comic: Shave Ice

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic

If you missed the beginning of Kana's adventures in Hawaii - start here!

I've put a lot of work into these strips in particular - you might even recognize some of the places she's stopped by!

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(Deleted comment)
SRSLY. For fashion items that I can't even trade or sell immediately, what's the point in me spending real money for pixels? I just can't justify it. At least Gaia has an economy of scale to work with - and indeed, there are people we are supporting through our "donations". Bah!

Yeah I don't know why I buy ribbons...well I kinda do. I'd rather buy the ribbons than buy items to upload. However I think I am reaching my limit soon, because all these HUGE events so close togeather. Yeah, I am not going to pay f(#%ing $50 a month on it...

I'll be sure to post on Twitter when my sales go up - I think they're down for maintenance right now. (Go figure! XD;;)

Honestly, if I had a full-time salary'd job, I'd probably be much more open to buying ribbons - just because I'd have spending money and time to enjoy it. But because my income is super budgeted right now and I don't have a lot of free time to spend, it's not right for me to indulge. T_T;

I was hoping to participate in the yukata event too. T_T;;

Yeah! I'll take a look. Maybe you can use your proceeds to get a yukata.

Yeah...I shouldn't really spend much on Ribbons either my limit is $20 so I have to be really good this time. I didn't realize the wedding event was going to be so big, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered buying ribbons. At least I was able to justify it as making up for me not having a fancy wedding IRL lol. I'd much rather spend $20 on this than thousands on a real one xD;

I would happily buy you some Yukata stuff, but for some reason they don't implement a trading option. I really wish they would...:/

I know! If they actually had a real economy going on Poupee, there would be much more incentive to get ribbons/items. But by locking down event items and what can and cannot be sold, we're stuck with the items we buy...

Even trading/gifting items would be nice. :\

I seriously know what you mean about the wedding - ours was SUPER bare bones and last minute as well. We still haven't had a "honeymoon" to speak of (probably won't have one for a long long time the way things look right now). XD; At least we had a nice, cozy reception with REALLY GOOD food. ^___^ (which more than made up for it. XD)

Yeah, especially since it is so hard to sell anything (I can't give stuff away! I was lucky to sell something that was pretty rare, but otherwise I have sold maybe 1 thing). It would also be nice if for a bad price we could just sell stuff, or trade shells for ribbons so that you could get money not only at the whims of others on the Furima. I sort of understand why you can't sell event items right away, but they should make them available to sell in a shorter time, or at least a certain time that they tell us.

Yeah...then we could buy stuff for each other or trade items we both don't like/want...it would be so nice to trade.

lol not to try and trump you (or under trump you?) but we just had a courthouse wedding with only our sets of parents there and then had lunch at a nearby restaurant. We both saw a concert in SF afterward, but it was only a coincidence. We didn't have a reception at all. We did go to Vegas in December, but that was not really a honeymoon since we got married in February lol. I don't regret it at all though, because I'd much rather just be married and save money...so this $20 is only a small price to pay xD.

Although I did end up getting a lot of dresses that were nothing like wedding dresses. I think they should have had like a few different kids of white ones, and maybe a couple bridesmaids dresses only...this event was way overboard.

Like I said on one of these comments, if Poupee gets worse or keeps up like this (back to back events, expensive items, many items, bad economy) I am probably going to quit as well. It just isn't fun any more when there is a gun to my head to buy ribbons. Yes, I don't mind doing so...but it's pretty annoying to not really have the option to sell, and comments only get you 1 ribbon. Also the recent "shell rains" have made it so you can't sell any shells, which was the best way to get ribbons aside from uploading...

The hard work SHOWS--these strips are so lovely and evocative and really capture that Hawaiian essence!! I gotta get back to the islands one of these days...

Thanks! :D

I remember you and Dave mentioned possibly trying for Kawaii Kon sometime. Stephanie's also been asking me about it - and I think there can be a pretty good audience for you here! (Even better if you can also do a book-signing at our local bookstores for your BSC books! :D)

We don't have many out-of-state artists who show up to our events, but all who do come say that they do exceptionally well~ (Vendors and AA folks alike, from what it seems!)

We're totally there...as soon as we can afford airfare. :p

What I would really like to do is tag-team one of my west coast visits with a trip to Oahu for KK! I'm bad about flying and jet lag, but I don't remember the flight to Hawaii from San Francisco being SO bad. If I do it, I'll *definitely* make sure there is a signing involved! And maybe some other stuff! We don't take vacations much these days unless they are working and promotional vacations. :)

From SF to Honolulu, it's roughly 5-6 hours. It's not so bad if you try to sleep during the duration of the flight. ^_^

KK is a *very* small convention by most standards, but because we're so isolated out here, people will make the most of it. :D

Yeah I am feeling like that about Poupee a bit too, but not enough to quit yet. Post on Twitter when you are gonna sell your stuff, maybe I'll get some :3

Poupee is a bitch these days (=_=) I'm really hoping that after the next event is done, there won't be another one for a while. If it's stressful then it's probably best to shove it on the side, But I'll be sad to see your poupee go (;o;) as I enjoy stalking everyone online~

I had it up to my eyeballs with PG. I have no time to play and when actually contemplate spending real money on ribbons, I decided to just give it up. I can't seem to figure out how to delete my poupee, but managed to sell everything/recycle stuff into shells and sell those items.

I've never seen items move so fast. XD; I wonder if any of my posts'll make it to the "OMG I MISSED THIS ITEM" entries in the PG communities. XD

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