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Tweets for Today
n2-Anpan OMP!!
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  • 05:21 I am actually awake before 5am! >_<; Gotta get ready~~~~
  • 07:13 morning news interview done! Breakfast time!
  • 09:56 ... I am... speechless. ._.;;;
  • 10:01 *headdesk headdesk headdesk*
  • 11:50 at the post office.
  • 13:06 Done eating lunch, cleaned dishes piling up in sink, uploading extra photos of my "workstation".
  • 13:28 For those traveling to APE from out of the SF area, can you suggest any hotels? :D
  • 15:36 furiously painting clouds clouds and more clouds...
  • 20:33 done with mililani library talk! Great turn out tonight! Time for dinner!
  • 22:53 OMP.. I am so tired.. my eyes are sore from wearing contacts all day~ TT;;
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