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n2-Don't Make Me Hurt You
USPS and their stupid rate hikes can go and jump off a cliff and die.

If you are interested in buying anything in our online shop, I highly suggest you get your orders in ASAP. (Like today.) ...because I am forced to raise my shipping fees across the board. Our profit margins on our merchandise are not great enough for me to take huge hits on shipping and paypal fees. I tried to keep it as fair as possible, but when I'm literally losing money on shipping costs, it's not fair to me. >___<;

I'm most sorry for international folks because they will inevitably be hit the hardest. T___T... When anything over 12 oz. goes directly to priority mail, the rates jump drastically.

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Man, that's probably just the beginning for cause and effect of gas going up. I think people will understand that this is essentially your job, and you have to be able to make a living off of it. Good luck!

man, I know what you mean! TT___TT
I had the exact same problem when I had to ship clothes to europe. They made me bump it up to priority D:

Dear, just raise the prices. I'm more than willing to pay to have my stuff shipped to me without making you eat costs.

(Deleted comment)
ew the shipping rose again D: *throws rocks at usps*

i agree with the comment to raise you shipping if you are losing money >_<

You guys MUST raise prices then. People WILL want to buy your stuff, and WILL pay whatever price you assign.

Losing money on shipping is a big, huge NO.

(Btw, LOVE the DS pouch and shirt! Thanks! =D)

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