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Tweets for Today
n2-Anpan OMP!!
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  • 00:28 nene time~
  • 10:20 Morning is mostly gone.. I really have to get to inking these strips.
  • 11:50 prepping 8 strips for digital inking took over an hour. X_X;; Also getting used to my new desk-cintiq-imac layout. (ish flipped)
  • 13:18 Finished a lunch of leftover ABS diet chili and package tuna covered salad with pepper, olive oil and vinegar
  • 13:20 Trying hard to save my last IZZE bottle soda from my costco 12 pack. Clementine's my favorite! TT
  • 13:21 munching on raspberry fruit leather instead. TwT
  • 14:12 I think I need to put in an order for replacement felt nibs soon.
  • 16:29 getting ready for our first talk of the summer reading program!
  • 20:32 just finished our first talk! 19 more to go!
  • 22:45 Report from Aiea Library - iRead Webcomics Talk #1 tinyurl.com/3mavoq and Friday's comic is up!
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