Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

Catching up to Life

Boy, when you're self-employed you really see how time does NOT slow down for you when you're out for the count. o_o; This whole past week has been nothing but catch-up correspondence and phone calls. I've only gotten back to drawing last night and I'm still pretty seriously behind on my strips.

So medical update: So far, so good! The sutured skin that scabbed over is healing nicely - most of the biggest ones have dried up and fallen off. The downside is that the area still feels rather "tight" and uncomfortable when lying down. I've had a few restless nights since the surgery, but on the whole it's a HUGE improvement from pre-surgery. (I'll take these occasional aches and pains over constant, severe abdominal pain any day.)

I have yet to see my OBGYN for my depo shot as the nurse is on vacation until ... well, today. It might be for the best as I have a pretty busy schedule starting this evening. As mentioned before, I'll be hitting 20 libraries state-wide to talk about webcomics over the next month and a half. Our presentation is ready to go, which is a relief. I'll be prepping more throughout the day. *__*;

We're also scheduled for a morning news interview for KGMB9 next week. More on that as I get further confirmation.

Aaaaaand... it's been a while since I've last updated with my comic previews...

Click on the link to see the full comic!

...and to save me from posting every single one since then, just click on the "next comic" button~ XD;

If anyone has time and would like to help me out next week, I'm looking for a single strip guest comic? I'm desperately trying to build up my strip queue again, since my surgery and recovery time ate through my buffer. X_X; E-mail me if you can help out~ ^^
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