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Tweets for Today
n2-Anpan OMP!!
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  • 08:33 The new iphone 3G sounds pretty promising so far!
  • 08:35 Boiling some hot water for tea.
  • 08:38 yogi herbal tea is pretty darn tootin' good! :D
  • 08:38 GPS IN iPHONE 3G!!! FINALLY!
  • 12:10 Latest nemu*nemu comic: Missed Connections tinyurl.com/5gqw6v
  • 12:26 Hungry... Turkey sandwich or chili? Maybe a little of both...
  • 12:48 Sriracha Hot Sauce and Mayo make the most AWESOME sandwich spread... *___*!
  • 14:48 Hrmm.. I'm getting attacked by mini flies. >_>;; I wonder where they're coming from.
  • 14:49 Touching base with all the libraries/librarians. Most are closed on Monday.
  • 19:54 I've been coughing a lot.. wonder if it's the weather? :\
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(Deleted comment)
XD! I'll be back to making my usual posts soon~ I'm still catching up on a lot of correspondence on my end. X_X;; (Work doesn't stop when you do. X_X;;)

Not sure if the interview will be online - it's part of the local morning news. I think we're trying for next week Wednesday morning~ ^^

Woo twitter XD And Sriracha is sooo gooood~ Makes me want Pho right now to mix it into my soup *_*!!!!!!

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