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In Recovery Mode
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Thanks everyone for your well-wishes, tweets, e-mails and messages!

I've been doing well since surgery on Thursday. Thankfully, they cleared away all the scar tissue and bleeding mess around the cysts and I'll be starting depo shots probably as soon as tomorrow to stave off any future "growth".

So far, the pain has been somewhat residual, mostly around the 3 incision points: my belly button and 2 smaller cuts near by hip bone/pelvis. Wearing pants has been somewhat difficult, sitting up and walking generates "side pains", and taking a shower sort of stings. I see the doctor tomorrow for a check-up, to make sure everything is healing properly.

In the meanwhile, I've been missing out on all sorts of life! I've been reading Frank Miller interviews and feeling oddly inspired by his way of thinking. I finally had a chance to read through the final Emma manga (thank you puretrance!) which makes me feel all sorts of happy. I've also caught up on some news and cooking shows while lying in bed with a broken-ish TV.

I'm not quite 100%, but I'm getting there~ ^^

I'm glad they didn't take them out :D


Sorry I didn't have much of a chance to hang out with you folks this time around... (and I'm kinda glad you didn't call on Monday- which was when it all hit. X_X;)

At least I got to see most of the AGSMA gang! (if not all? finally?)

Hey, you. Take care of yourself and don't do anything I would do while recovering. Okay, chica?

Hahahahaha~ Well, thankfully, my job just requires me to sit in front of a computer (or piece of paper) all day at home. ^_^

so glad you are feeling better!!

Hey, if you have any links to those Frank Miller interviews, I'd sure like to read them. I could use some inspiration =)

Yay for getting better!

Actually, one is in the latest SDCC booklet/pamphlet thing they mailed out! (Since he's directing Eisner's "The Spirit" for movie adaptation.) The other interviews were a part of a collection from 198?-200? My husband had the book sitting in the bathroom for a while and I just started to pick it up and read from random sections while sitting there. ^^

(Deleted comment)
Thanks~ I am doing better - just still really uncomfortable around the midsection. (Ha! No bare-midriffs for me this summer! XD;;)

You have the Emma anime?? Both seasons?? @o@!

Puppy love~~~

(Deleted comment)
Glad you enjoyed Emma #10, that volume was guaranteed to make you feel better...I have gone through it a few times since I got mine...so much warm-fuzziness~!

I thought it was a great end to the series! All the stories ended nicely and most everyone has a happy ending. :D

Thanks again for grabbing it for me!

Glad to see you're feeling better! The pain sucks, I know, but try and enjoy the pantsless lifestyle while you can still get away with it :D!

Frank Miller interviews? Inspiration?! Oh man, now I can't get images of ANPAN: THE DARK PUP RETURNS out of my mind XD.

hahaha! I doubt that I'll be writing Miller-like stories anytime soon - definitely not my style. XD

Pantsless lifestyle! Has a nice ring to it~ XD

Wow, guess I picked a strange time to join your FL.

Get well soon, okay?

XD;; Strange timing indeed~!

Have you hooked up to sumiyoshi? :D He's our local Jason Y. ^^ He doesn't post often, but I hope you two get to meet one day!

It's welcome news to hear that you are getting better. Try to take it easy for now.

Heal well Kitsy! That sounded pretty harrowing!

post op always sucks but the end is always good.

Dunno about frank miller as inspiration. Apparently from a friend who knows him, he's a bit buzzed during them interviews hehe.

Ahahahaha- I can believe that too. KS had met him once years back and didn't get so warm n' fuzzy feelings from him in person. XD;

I don't mean much as direct inspiration though.. but more of a general outlook on life with pretty staunch beliefs held in tow. That's pretty admirable.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks~ I fear bad side effects.. I've run through just about every other estrogen based HBC and they'd either cause nausea, frequent migraines, or a bunch of other side effects. :\ I can't say that the depo shot'll be much better, but I guess if I'm stuck with it for 3 months, I'll just learn to live with it? I've more or less run out of options and my OBGYN's goal is to basically get me period-less... which should mean no cysts if all goes well. ^_^; D'argh.

So glad you got through it and I wish you a speedy recovery!

I'm so happy to hear the surgery went well (;____;) and I hope you have a swift full recovery. . . *hugs*

Thanks for letting us know how it went =D glad they were able to fix everything!

Hope you feel better soon... And until then - Take it easy, you crazy workaholic girl! XD

Maybe you can wear something like a casual sundress so it won't pull on your incisions... Plus it will look pretty cute too. :3

PS. Got your email, will reply tonight (I'm at work right now.)