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Fanime Day 2

So another day has come and gone and for some reason, I was super emotional all day - The crowds definitely picked up and some friends from nearby dropped by to say hello~!

We got up early again to get some food from McDonalds where I bumped into the Wizzywig gang and Kim - in the same line! I had brief chat with both parties before rushing back to the hotel after eating to regroup and set up shop in the dealer's room.

Throughout the day, we had new and repeat visitors to our table. Earlier in the day, a pair came by - one dressed in a Lucky Star costume while the other was in a make-shift ninja outfit. The ninja, a total newcomer to nemu*nemu, picked up a bunch of stuff (pups, shirts, pins...) and encouraged his friend to buy some stuff. (She walked off with a pup and a shirt).

A few hours before closing, the ninja CAME BACK to our table - telling us that he had pretty much made his rounds of the convention and had nothing else to do... so he started helping us hand out fliers and cards, getting people to stop by our table! He continued to do this until closing. o_o!

He told us then that this was his only day at the convention.


I really didn't know what to say at that point. T____T! A "thanks" really didn't seem to do much justice. *sigh* It was such a kind thing for a complete stranger to do for us.. and we never ever saw his face. >_>;! (Such is the life of a ninja?)

The second thing that made my day was meeting puretrance and her husband. They were sweet enough to come by and bring along their Nemu! KS and I pup-sat her pup while they checked out the convention. (He mostly kept me company~ ^^) I got to play with her bubble-wrap simulator keychain and oogle her new figures. *_*

Yes - I get to live vicariously through other people's purchases, I suppose.

She was also awesome enough to bring me the last volume of "Emma" - which I've been DYING to read, but haven't found locally.

(Thank you so much for stopping by~~ It's sooo nice to put a face to a name. ^__^)

The third thing that made my day was seeing all my friends who currently live in the area. :D

Since the dealer's room closed at 7, it allowed us time to meet up for dinner at Original Joe's down the street from the Marriott. It took forever and a day to get a table... and forever and a day to get our food, but all-in-all it was so worth it. I haven't seen some of them for years and there was so much stuff to catch up on! ^_^

(CP, Dorm, Derek, Laine, Saka, Pat - thanks so much for spending time with us and for dinner!)

So in short, it was a really great day for us~! We made new friends, met new people, and had time to spend with old ones. Can it get much better than that? ^^

We shall see tomorrow... o_o!
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