Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

Fanime Day 1

We are alive and well in San Jose!

We managed to get a little sight-seeing done before the convention officially started on Friday - eating at some favorite places and checking out some favorite shops at Santana Row.

We were up and about around 9am and had to make a last minute run to Walgreens for some basic necessities - bread, peanut butter, chips, cotton facial pads. We had an early lunch at Johnny Rockets and hurried back to the convention center to finish setting up.

This year, we're right near the entrance, which is pretty awesome for us - right between a couple nifty vendors. One side is a cheongsam/yukata dealer while the other makes beautiful corsets. Daniel was really nice in giving us some great tips about setting up and exhibiting.

The day was pretty slow - all-in-all, but we're looking forward to the weekend rush!

Met up with Annie, Kate, Rene, Kenji, Kix, and Phi for dinner at La Victoria Taqueria - they had an awesome "orange sauce" that had a great spicy kick! I had the Flautas meal while KS had the enchilada plate. So much yum!

We're finally back in the room with comp internet, winding down for the evening. *finally* We're due for a decent night's sleep~

Tags: fanime 2008

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