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Roach Motel
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Roaches roaches and more roaches... WTH is going on? I've killed 3 in the past 2 days. KS found another one and is putting roach traps all over the house. X_X;

I'm relatively okay with tiny roaches, but these are like... 1-2 inches in size and just plain nasty looking.


Anyhoo - we've just packed up all our merchandise for shipping to California. I can only hope we sell most of this stuff so we don't have to bring it all back. My biggest fear is that no one will like/buy our stuff and we have to ship everything back. T___T;

Just think positive.


Hrm... just found our calculator... forgot to pack into our shipping boxes.. >_>;; I guess I'll have to pack this into my suitcase. ^^;

Today's Comic: Leveling Up

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!
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I know I've fallen asleep while level grinding some times... ^_^;

I wonder what's she's playing? It looks like she has a Classic Controller for the Wii, so I guess it might be something on the Virtual Console? :3

Hee~ Ani's very much the retro-gamer. ^__^

I get really antsy when level grinding. I think the worst I've encountered was Persona 2 where you need a balance between cards and XP. Great story, but super tedious. XD;

Hmm, I don't think Persona 2 came out in Europe. :(

I tend to like most RPGs unless the level grinding is too slow like in a MMORPG... Spending days to gain only one level is just too much for me! ^_^;

Hmm...I wonder if one of your neighbors is cleaning house. I noticed when I was living in an apartment building that if my neighbors (a bunch of 22 year old bachelors) cleaned up, I got more roaches.

You might also want to sprinkle borax powder around the bottom of your cabinets (you don't have pets, right?) because although it's non-toxic, it gets on their feet, they lick it off, and it expands in their stomachs.

I think it's partially that and it might have something to do with the off-and-on rain.. I notice that they come indoors when outside is flooding. >_<;;

The family is going to tent the house while we're at Fanime, so I'm not sure if that will "stop" the infestation for the time being.

Borox powder is a good idea, but sometimes KS' border collie comes over. Not sure how she'd react? I know my family uses it at home. ^^

(Deleted comment)
Bugs~~ Arrrrgggghhh!!

I know I had ant infestations in Irvine, but they didn't seem too harmless. Thankfully, we don't have many centipede or millipede invasions. o_o;

I sincerely hope we do well at Fanime... or at least enough to cover our travel expenses. (hefty $$$.. X_X;;) It'll pretty much let me know if future conventions (outside from Hawaii) are feasible. ^^;

Eww, sounds like you have Texas-sized roaches, though the genuine article's more like 3" XD

Have fun at Fanime and may the merchandising gods bless your table/booth!

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