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Ohohoho-- this brings back memories...
Just happened upon this series by accident and I have to say - the in-jokes are far too awesome.

Anyone who's familiar with the original game or plays RPGs in general should get a kick out of it. ^_^ The best part is that you can see the full episodes translated right on Youtube.

In the meanwhile, ears are still plugged - going back to see the doctor today.

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Oh god, this kills me. I can't stop laughing. I need this.

I thought you might like this one~ XD I had to post - in the very least for all my old RPG buds~ ^___^v

ahh I wanted to watch that~! Gonzo has a deal with CrunchyRoll, so you can watch them there too~

Wow~ How awesome is that?? O_O! Maybe these companies are starting to get the right idea about media?

That was awesome. Thanks for introducing me to this!

:D I'm glad others are getting a kick out of this! I haven't been up and up on all things anime for a while and this is one of the few series to actually pique my interest in a long time. ^^

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