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n2-Anpan OMP!!
Oops - a little behind this week, although our strips published as scheduled.

I had a day-long talk at Le Jardin Academy in Kailua, which is the first of many talks I will be doing this summer with KS. Although, this talk was solo - including my drive there, in which I had to battle morning traffic and the long, slippery ride on the Pali Highway.

I feel a little more confident with my driving skills, although changing lanes still gives me incredible amounts of unspeakable stress. >_>;

Icons will be coming a little later on Friday as I'm trying to get as many strips done as I humanly can before Fanime. Once we return, things are going to get SUPER busy for us, so it's in my best interest to get as far ahead as I can. ^_^;

Wednesday's Comic: A Different Point of View

Today's Comic: No Pain...NO PAIN

Click on the previews to view the full comics!
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