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One event down, prepping for future events!
Yay! We survived our first craft fair!

Our booth at kodomo no hi
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

We did better than expected on a slow Sunday event and had a good time all in all! I got to eat yummy takoyaki, KC Waffle Dogs, and chugged lots and lots of ice cold water.

It was insanely hot... I got lightly singed on my face and arms - I think my eyeballs were even scorched a little. Thankfully, the trade winds came back and pushed away a lot of the vog.

Today's strip is the last in our line of vertical strips and the official end of Volume 2! Where things go from here, you'll just have to find out!

Today's comic: "Departure"

Click on the link to see the rest of today's comic!

Also, our re-print of Volume 2 will be in hand by the end of this week! I can't wait!

Busy busy busy! So much stuff to do today!

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Congrats on doing so well at the shows! I was looking at your Flickr photos last night, very cute! And seeing all the limited pups show up on Poupee Girl, adorable and makes me wish I had bought one back when they were for sale. So the pup on the head is the newest fashion? =)

Thanks so much! Craft fairs are so much work.. o_o; I'm just happy that there's such a positive response from people who stop by our booth. :D

It's so interesting how there has been a lot of requests/interest in the original 50 pups lately! There were a lot of people at Kawaii Kon that was asking for them specifically, but my mom refuses to make any more. ^_^;;

It sincerely makes me happy that folks have been wearing them on their head at events. XD

OMPPP...I didn't know... that that event was this past weekend.

I thought kodomo no hi/tango no sekku was next week or something

I really wanted a T-shirt, I guess I'll have to order online then...

(Hahaha! I like your avatar~!! XD;; It's just in time for me to post MY new avatars.. complete with CHICKENS!! XD)

Anyhoo, no worries - It was kinda confusing with them advertising a Children's Day event on a weekend that wasn't anywhere NEAR May 5th. >_>;;

You're at UH, right? KS is at MPI - if you're ever in that area, he can easily do a trade with you to save on shipping and tax. ^^ Just let me know via e-mail~ :D

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