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Aria - Aaaahh...
KS is sick and I can feel the start of a cold myself. Must stay hydrated. Must stay on task!

Good news - 1 commission down, 1 more to go. I can deliver this one personally tomorrow. :D

Shirts and books in process of being re-printed. Hats are being made - although I'm not sure we'll have enough made to accommodate for the JCCH Kodomo no Hi event. T_T; I might have to look into mass producing these somehow. Hand-stitching the faces on take too much time... *sigh*

Today's Comic: Substitute

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OH GOD...everyone seems to be getting/or has gotten sick D: I need to keep a watch out too!

I really want to buy an OMP! Blue t-shirt! Are you going to have them in stock at that event?

As long as you're not an XL? :D We definitely will have them in stock at the JCCH event, then. ^_^v

Indeed - take care~ I think being dehydrated and severely lacking proper sleep for the week up to and duration of the convention really wiped us out. ^_^;;

Gyah I hope you guys feel better soon! I really hope I didn't pass my illness to you T_T'

Can't wait for the Kodomo no Hi fair! I might have to commandeer a vehicle and driver, but it'll be worth it. Must. Buy. More. Shirts. :D''

I don't think it's the same thing as you~ ^^ But KS's doctor said it was some sort of viral infection so no antibiotics for him - just decongestants.

Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like so I can make sure we have enough in stock for the event. ^^

Wahh... I'm hearing lots of stories of people getting sick recently! Hope you guys get better really soon! I haven't tried it myself, but I know people who use something called "Cold-FX" to boost their immune systems. I think it's a Canadian product, but maybe it's popular enough that they have it where you are... I think the active ingredient is Ginseng. Anyhow, it's worth looking into.

Hrm... I wonder if it's like "Airborne" here? It sounds vaguely familiar. Must look into it. XD!

I don't know... But I just found a Cold-FX website, so maybe you can check there. http://coldfx.com/ It apparently does work, though I personally don't recommend taking it all the time, but rather just when you need a boost.

I'm going to miss the Kodomo no Hi and other celebrations because of my cousin's wedding! Aaah! I really look forward to all the events at the JCCC here, especially the huge yard sale. Last year, I even signed up to help make a huge batch of mochi for the bazaar. (It was tough work, even though we had mochi-making machines!)

(Deleted comment)
I dunno what it is.. I think the weather has been triggering allergy attacks here as well - Volcanoes are erupting on the Big Island causing a lot of toxic vapors and volcanic ash to spread throughout the island chain. So on bad days, it looks like LA or Japan. XD;

I'll be bringing a good stock of the plushies with me to Fanime~ although we sold out of our original 50 about a month and a half ago. TwT! It was so sad to see them all go!

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