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Brain Dead.
GS - Makoto Draws Yer Ma
Today's Strip: Vacation Plans?

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's strip!

Too tired to think. Just finished completed May's EOS strip a few minutes ago... I had another strip in mind, but inspiration hit a few hours ago and I switched gears at the last second. I think I pulled it off quite nicely - all things considered. I'll be publishing it web-side after it goes to print next month! :D

I didn't get to work on my tOFU bio today as I had planned.. I hope I can pull it all together tomorrow morning. ;_;

Is Kawaii Kon in really 2 more days? @_@...?

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Be sure to take lots of pictures of Kawaii Kon! I'm hoping to go next year!

We'll do our best! :D

Are you really planning on coming?? Wow~ it would be really great if you could!

It's a very small convention (roughly 2000 attendees) - if you come as part of longer vacation, it would likely be a much more fulfilling experience. ^_^!

Waaaaitaminute... nemu*nemu* doesn't take place in Hawaii? I always assumed it did. ^^;;

For tOFU, you now have until the 20th. Yay!

I really want to go to Kawaii Kon sometime. Maybe next year if I can get a cheap flight to Hawaii...

I think it's because I've added a lot of Hawaii things to the strip, like "botcha" and cultural references like Jankenpo. Some have asked if they were in Hawaii, others have asked if they were in Japan. In fact, this might give a tiny hint to what's going on~ XD

There's a whole line of reasoning for things, but it ties more into KS's full epic comic story idea than our strip as it reads. ^^

Oh! I have until the 20th?! Hurrah!! I was stressing out how I'd get everything together and laid out. X_X;;

I'm not sure if coming to Hawaii just for Kawaii Kon is the best idea - it's a very small local convention (roughly 2000 attendees). But, if you have other plans and would just stop by the con one of the days, that would probably work best. ^^

That is a very tiny hint... ^^;;;

Yeah, tOFU is extended... unfortunately too late for me since I @__@'d myself to finish it already. Still, I may re-do my bio (too much writing!) and make some 4-koma. Also the tones in my comic were reading kind of dark in the print outs, so I have a chance to fix those too. :)

Oh really? I thought Kawaii Kon was this big thing, like maybe 5000+ attendees (that's a nice size.) Still... it would be cool to visit Hawaii someday, and Kawaii Kon would be nice to fit in. If I ever do I will make sure to let you know!

it's AU-hawaii! o__o l0l

omg! how it is wednesday already? x__x looking forward to see you at the kon! I'll definetly try to get away from my table for a bit to come see you~ ^__^

I know. Tomorrow is crazy busy too. Are you folks setting up in the Artist Alley tomorrow too? It'll probably take us a few trips to get everything to the CC. XD;

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