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Traumatic Day at the Dentist

Sorry for the late post - for those who keep up with nemu*nemu via my LJ... I had a dentist appointment for my crown this morning and had some tasks to do before leaving.

Long story short: Kids, no pain is no pain. If you feel the pain at the dentist, say so.. because what felt to me like cleaning around the gumline - painful to a certain degree, but not excruciating... became a throbbing, painful, burning raw mess by the time I got home. That much pain does not equal normal by any standards... and it did *not* go away as I had hoped.

It was so horrible, KS had to call the dentist who immediately told me to return for shots. It was enough for me to go home, eat lunch of sushi, drink some liquids and sleep until 5pm.

The raw burning is slowly creeping back, but I have my pain-killers on hand to help me get to sleep for the next few nights.


I don't know why the shots don't work for me as well as they used to... in fact, I find I need double/triple the usual amount to get through my dental procedures. Doesn't help that I've had so many procedures done in the past year, I've run out of insurance.


So, sorry for the delay in strip posting - I hope this encourages you to check nemu*nemu if you don't see an update here... or link up to the syndicated feed at nemu_nemu!

Today's Comic: Just Stating the Obvious

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