Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

Now that April Fool's is out of the way...

So, we have finally survived our 2nd year of nemu*nemu on April 1st:

Second Anniversary by =nemu-nemu on deviantART

This was posted yesterday on our site, but I think it was so far down past our comic that most didn't see it~ TT;;

I also didn't feel like posting it here on April Fool's day. ^^;;

We also did our drawing for the Street Team Grand Prize! Our winner was none other than charmingdetails! Congratulations and thanks again for helping us to promote nemu*nemu to your patrons! :D

Today's Comic: I Spy

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!
Tags: comic, street team

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