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Strange Connections

Had a pretty good weekend! Met with Phi, Kix, Pekkle, Kenji, Mirae, and Michelle at MAC24/7 Saturday night~ One of the flights was delayed so a dinner meeting turned out to be a late night snack for me, but it was much fun~ :D (Giant pancakes and tropical drinks overfloweth~!) I hope they get to do all the stuff they planned for!

Funny moment that was funnier AFTER the fact - After phi mentioned Lore and Lydia meeting at a NorCal hanami meet and all their strange connections, phi asked me if I knew a "Mayu" who was in Hawaii. In my head, I was thinking "Maiyu"... who I was pretty sure wasn't here. I was a little puzzled for a moment, then sort of forgot about it. At few hours ago, I was sitting here at my desk working on an illustration and it suddenly dawned on me that "Mayu" referred to "Mayumi" (or chiizupan.) HAHA! Small world all over again.

I have to formally introduce you two one day. XD;; (phi can finally be 先輩!)

I'm glad I'll have a chance to see (most of) them again at Fanime this year~! :D I hope there will be better opportunities to hang out. (Considering we'll be chained to the dealer's room/hotels for the duration of our stay sans car. *sigh*)

Today's Comic: Prison Break!

Click on the preview to read the rest of the comic

Can you (local folks) believe that Kawaii Kon is in less than 20 days?? I feel "ready", but I still fell hella stressed out. @_@;
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