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Minor Spring Cleaning and Photos of Presale Shirts
n2-Take Off!
Yay! Easter was nice. Had some dinner with the in-laws and spent a good portion of it organizing. Can't say the studio is much cleaner, but the storage room is ready for our incoming shipment of books and shirts.

Speaking of shirts - our t-shirt presale will run until April 11th. If you're interested in purchasing one of our "jersey" style women's shirts, they sizes run a little small.
Peanut Butter Pirates Women's Large Side Panzilla Women's Medium Side
Panzilla Women's Medium Back Panzilla Women's Medium Front

When we get photos of our other 2 designs, I'll post photos of those in our KimonoKitsy Studios flickr feed. The sizes are most felt around the shoulders. If in doubt, I suggest getting 1 size up.

Also, our Sugary Serials comic is currently being published daily until its conclusion! I believe we are currently on page 3 of 8!

Today's Comic: Help!

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

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We are only going to fanimecon for one day this year, I intend to come by your table and buy tons of Nemu*Nemu stuff--you guys going to be regular dealers in the dealers room for all 3 days or just one day? I wanna know so I can make sure that the day we go we can see you guys~. [/random]

We're going to be in the dealer's room for all the days~ :D Let me know if you want any shirts in particular - I miscalculated the women's sizes and may not have enough of our larger women's sizes. We're planning to get a second printing if sales are good at Kawaii Kon, but this all depends on our printer's schedules. ^_^;!

I look forward to seeing you there, in the very least! :D

Yayy~ That's good then, because we were planning on going Friday evening and hanging out + buying our passes for Saturday, then do everything on Saturday that requires a pass + hanging out, and maybe hanging out Sunday evening + night. Not that you needed to know our full schedule, but if you guys want to hang out or something I guess it helps :P.

As for the shirts I want, I want them all but the Peanut Butter Pirates (I'm allergic to PB so it would be too ironic lol)...I especially want the "Nemu Can Has Grill Cheez Pleez" but if you guys don't have enough Women's XL, I can wear a men's shirt...I'm not picky. I'm also planning on getting other stuff too (if you have it) xD; I take it you guys are going to take cash only right?

And yeah, when it all comes down to it (although I want to support you/Nemu*Nemu too!) I've known you before I read Nemu*Nemu, so it'd be awesome to see you~.

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