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Minor Spring Cleaning and Photos of Presale Shirts

Yay! Easter was nice. Had some dinner with the in-laws and spent a good portion of it organizing. Can't say the studio is much cleaner, but the storage room is ready for our incoming shipment of books and shirts.

Speaking of shirts - our t-shirt presale will run until April 11th. If you're interested in purchasing one of our "jersey" style women's shirts, they sizes run a little small.
Peanut Butter Pirates Women's Large Side Panzilla Women's Medium Side
Panzilla Women's Medium Back Panzilla Women's Medium Front

When we get photos of our other 2 designs, I'll post photos of those in our KimonoKitsy Studios flickr feed. The sizes are most felt around the shoulders. If in doubt, I suggest getting 1 size up.

Also, our Sugary Serials comic is currently being published daily until its conclusion! I believe we are currently on page 3 of 8!

Today's Comic: Help!

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!
Tags: comic, preorder, sugary serials

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