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Anticipation of FedEx
The pup army should be arriving any time today! I'm so excited!! I just hope we have enough space to store all the boxes... o_o;

I wonder if there's any interest in folks buying my original strips?

Today's Strip: Be Careful!

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

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How many come in this shipment?

Sell the originals at Fanime Artist alley?

I'm waiting til see you so I can buy a copy of the book XD And perhaps a plushie ;)

We'll be in the dealer's room at Fanime -- for various reasons. ^_^; We considered the Artist Alley, but I have a feeling people would ask me for fanart from their favorite series instead of nemu*nemu stuff. XD;;; (Not that anything is wrong with that, aside from the fact that I haven't drawn "fan" art for a good 2-3 years now.. ^_^;;;)

I've been contemplating selling my original strips - some are penciled and inked, others are just rough pencils. A few are strictly digital. Most likely I'd sell them online so we can also print out a full version of the finished strip. Online sales are sometimes hard to come by~ X_X;

Oh right right, time to invade Kitsy & KS dealer spot! XD Yay! if you're already getting a booth, then why not sell those strips and prints at the same time as your other stuff then? Fanime does have a lot of people coming through and will be even bigger this year due to all the people skipping AX for it so you'll enjoy higher sales than the usual Fanime.

Also! How is the Art Show at Fanime? I'm hoping it's better run than AX... maybe I should ask Kix and Phi when they pop over later this month. ^_^;

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