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Anticipation of FedEx
The pup army should be arriving any time today! I'm so excited!! I just hope we have enough space to store all the boxes... o_o;

I wonder if there's any interest in folks buying my original strips?

Today's Strip: Be Careful!

Click on the preview to see the rest of the comic!

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How many come in this shipment?

(Deleted comment)
We'll be in the dealer's room at Fanime -- for various reasons. ^_^; We considered the Artist Alley, but I have a feeling people would ask me for fanart from their favorite series instead of nemu*nemu stuff. XD;;; (Not that anything is wrong with that, aside from the fact that I haven't drawn "fan" art for a good 2-3 years now.. ^_^;;;)

I've been contemplating selling my original strips - some are penciled and inked, others are just rough pencils. A few are strictly digital. Most likely I'd sell them online so we can also print out a full version of the finished strip. Online sales are sometimes hard to come by~ X_X;

(Deleted comment)
Also! How is the Art Show at Fanime? I'm hoping it's better run than AX... maybe I should ask Kix and Phi when they pop over later this month. ^_^;

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