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nemu*nemu Volume 2 preview:

The Art of nemu*nemu Volume 1 preview:

Months and months of hard work are finally in our hands!
Off to the printers they go!

Better version of videos up at the nemu*nemu facebook group!
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congratulations of getting the books done! Can't wait to grab these two. The art of nemunemu is godly. @.@ *foaming*


I hope you guys can autograph my copy like last year's! oAo

Wooohoooo!!!!! Congratulations, they look great!!!

Congrats!!! They look really nice :D

OMG..... Is it possible in any for me to get a copy of #1 and #2????? ToT I love your comic! I see that on your site we have to e-mail to get something shipped to Canada.

I know #2 is not out yet, but when it is, it would be awesome to get both copies. pleassssse!! =D

:D I can hold copies of both for you and send an invoice via paypal in mid-late April~ I just can't offer it on our site until the end of April (at the earliest) since we're only ordering a limited number of books to tide us over for our first 2 cons. ^^

That is perfect with me! I don't mind waiting at all!!

my paypal addy is mail@moonlight-whispers.com.

So you can send the invoice as soon as it is ready. =)

Thank you so much!!! =D

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