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T-shirt Preorders 2008
How much??
Thanks to everyone who participated in our previous polls! From those results, KS and I generated 4 shirt designs that we will debut this year at Kawaii Kon and Fanime. We know that not everyone can attend these conventions, so we have opened up a T-shirt pre-order page to give everyone a fair chance at our shirts.

Details about shirts and styles are posted here.
Start Shopping Here!

I cannot guarantee that we will have these all in stock post-convention (or even during our convention run - we have a somewhat limited stock of each.) As we are in the process of printing these shirts, we can easily have extras made at this time. We may or may not have these reprinted later - so best get them while you can in your size and favorite design(s)!

Any questions, just message me here or e-mail me~

Today's Comic: As a Matter of Fact...

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Letter arrived! *cross fingers that it works tomorrow*

HURRAH~ Keep me posted! 5-6 yards ish best~ ^O^;

I want oneeee!!! *checks the page out* XD KYA!

Oh, are you going to Fanime with these, or will they be available when we go to Hawaii?

Edited at 2008-03-15 04:57 pm (UTC)

I'm not sure if they will be ready by the time you arrive? (Some of them might be?) I'll be sure to keep you posted. ^^

We'll have a limited amount in stock when we hit Fanime (which will be our third event of the year)... but if there's any you're interested in, just let me know and I'll hold them on the side for you. I have a feeling we might sell out of some particular styles and sizes early?

Yayy, I wanted the dark brown can has cheeseburger one in fitted womens large but I didn't want to pay shipping XD;;;

Oh~ we only have the dark brown in the unisex size~ TT;; (They don't have matching colors from unisex to women's... so we had to find alternates.)

Oh yeah yeah that's fine XD I just wasn't sure what the options were on the site. Since you said a medium fit you, I was thinking I'd get one size up?

Hopefully, I'll have them on hand when you folks get here~ The printer said she'd have them done in a couple weeks, but KS will be picking up batches as they finish. ^^ That way you can pick out which would work best for you~ ^^

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