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H!P Blathering - Resonant Blue
Aria - So Cute (Akari & Aria Shacho)

Better version on Dohhh Up!

Love the look, love the sound... Really like Mitsui's look in the very beginning~ ^^

but Kusumi still cracks me up!!! She's always smiling!!!! XD;;;

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Reina, Taka Ai, and stupid Koharu feat. blobby backup dancers =[

I was thinking that the song could have added in the other girls *somehow* - aside from the "HELP ME!!" and "HUU!"s. Other than that, I like the song~ more so than their other releases of late~ XD;

Koharu's been looking more and more goofy since she started moving to the front of the group. I think it started for me with Onna ni Sachi Are. ._.;

Yeah, I really like the song! When I first heard the preview I thought "Awesome, not that much Koharu!" but.. was pretty wrong about that, haha. I thought 8th gen got some lines too, but I was wrong about that as well ;_;

LOL since Stephanie told me to post about it.. did you notice Koharu's tie disappearing between shots? It's so annoying! It's really obvious since they show her a billion times too. Her overly smiley nature when the song doesn't call for it is also pretty awkward... (I noticed it in Onna ni and this one in particular!)

I'm hoping that the day Koharu grads from MM (and probably go solo), she will take proper singing lessons and turn out okay like Rika and Asami. ^^; Her genki spirit is good, but man - sometimes she goes overboard.

As for Koharu's tie - I think it just spun around her neck throughout taping of the routine. XD; You know- her being frantic and spazzy and all~ XD

Yeah they all look really hot, and the song is so catchy~! But I'm really depressed at the lack of seeing the actual girls sans the 3 that get to wear white XD;;;;;;; We're all hoping for a 2nd version of the PV because seriously... black on black on black?! @_____@ /dies!

True~ Maybe they will all look better when performing live~ XD;

YEAH XD I'm totally waiting for that! Then there's no way they can blur them out, and you'll be able to see everyone =D 'cause I know the other girls get lines and everything. It's weird they don't show them in the PV even when their lines come up @_@;; So it must be a dance shot only version T_T;;;;;!!!

I'm waiting to see if maybe this H!M@ they might perform it :D Or sometime in the next month when the single actually comes out.

Oh! Btw, how is March 29th Sat night for meeting up? We have a lot of free time since it's our first day there :3

Sure you guys are going to be okay? Flight is about 6 hours? We can meet up for dinner somewhere? I'll probably be dropped off~ ^^

Awww so cute XD We should be fine since we'll all be hyped even after the flight :D Around 5p or so we're going to Ala Moana mall and then dinner at Zippy's near the mall. Then we might just walk around the beach area of Ala Moana but that day we're mainly taking it easy :D I might need your number if you can email just in case XD

Hrmm.. there's a Zippys in Ala Moana Mall, but it's not a full-service one. If you're looking for the restaurant, it's a slight distance away. (The one in Ala Moana is more of a take-out/food court set-up.) The menu is similar, but the restaurant has more variety. ^^

Ala Moana is huge now~ they just added a new wing of roughly 30+ shops and a brand new Nordstrom that opened about a week ago. Most of the shops are readily available in Cali, but because it's so new, it might be worth perusing. ^^

I think the beaches close around 7:30, but as of late, it starts to get dark closer to 5-6pm?

I'll e-mail you my contact info~ ^^

Yay thanks! I dunno, there was one listed a couple blocks away, but we don't mind going to one further~ Kenji mentioned that there's usually a Napolean Bakery next to them too?

Haha, I don't think most of us care for shopping but we still want to look around :D We have some time to kill that night XD;

Ohh, I didn't know that the beaches would close so early, but wow that it gets so dark even after DST? I wanted to see the night time beaches or a sunset :D

I must say, I really like Mitsui so much better with short hair. It suits her.
Ahaha I LOVE Koharu. I can't wait until she grows up ♥

... did Risa get fat?! O_O No... no I think it's the lighting... they all look pretty bad in that lighting T_T I don't think this song is going to save them... sadly, it seems there is little hope left for Morning Musume.

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