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Big Mouth Boy & the BuuBuu Kid
n2-Matta! (Ani & Anpan)
Still working through Painter X - the results haven't been too bad although I need to keep telling myself to work larger. ^_^; (1 inch at 600 dpi is still... 1 inch - even though it looks huge on the screen.)

French Kids by ~kyubikitsy on deviantART

This is more.. um, "fruits of my labor". XD (The caricatures are an inside joke.) Thanks to folks who've shared tutorials and brushes~! :D

Boy - next week is going to be BUSY. I have a couple talks in the Pearl City/Aiea area on Wednesday, a friend is coming in to visit next Monday, and I'm scheduled to co-host a talkcast with Jerzy next Friday. We're busy finalizing our shirt designs (Thanks so far for your input on our poll!) We're going to order/pick up shirts this week so we can start the printing process. If all works out, maybe we can time the shirt drop-off on the same day as my talks in the area to save on multiple trips! Yee!

Today's comic: Stowaways

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic~

Back to work for me~

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