Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

Saturdays are Great!

Although today was a semi-productive work day for me, we managed to fit in a lot of things that needed to get done!

1) I am currently backing up all the work on my CPU to DVD and external HD... when I have more time, I'll back up a copy of all my work currently saved to the external HDs so I'll always have at least one extra hard copy.

2) Basic grocery shopping done - meats and fresh veggies can wait.

3) Went to doctor to check on this growing skin condition. Not sure what's going on, but got my medication after 2 trips to various Longs' pharmacies. (They were out of stock.)

4) Got a MUCH needed haircut. Rockin' the Joan Jett look.. or something. Unfortunately, I took a nap before I could get a nice photo - thus messed up the do a little. Will try and take photos later.

5) Picked up DVD-Rs on sale at Circuit City. Also saw what is the end of CompUSA in Hawaii... and boy- the floor underneath the shelves are seriously dirty.

6) Tried something new - Moe's Southwest Grill.. or something like that. Had 2 ultra-filling tacos. Not bad~

7) Took a nice long nap this afternoon. It was nice, until the AC went off and the room got ULTRA HOT. I think the dehydration woke us up. Took a little while to shake off the grogginess.

8) Changed my emotes from one Phoenix Wright icon set to another~! :D One day I'll make my own... *_*


Anyhoo~ I have a new poll running on nemu*nemu~

Click HERE, pleez!

I'd love your input on some rough designs I've been sitting on for the past couple weeks! Please choose your favorite of the 6 - if you have more than 1 you like, choose your top choice for the poll and just comment here or there as to which others you have taken a liking to~

The poll will run until the end of the week (Friday, the 7th), so make your vote count!
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