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Nemu & Anpan Fleece Hats IN STOCK~
n2-Anpan OMP!!

After long long last! We have our handmade hats in stock - and I decided to post them to Etsy~! We've had an account there for about a year now and haven't really posted much and thought we should make use of it~ ^^;

I'll probably be posting more of our handcrafted items there as they are each unique and not really best marketed on our site. X_X;


And after seeing Kix's new Sayumi emoticon set, I really want to update mine too~ ;;o;;!! I seriously need more time.

And boy - I really like the music being put out by the Ongaku Gatas! Even Konno Asami sounds great! ^o^ Any word on what "Milky Way" will be? Sounds... suggestive. <_<;;
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I love, love, LOVE my nemu fleecy hat. It keeps me warm, and makes people smile. I think I need to buy an Anpan and another Nemu.

Thank thank thank you!! I'm so happy you like your Nemu hat!! We didn't make a lot of changes to the hat design, but the eyes are larger and round instead of oval~ ^^

And man! I hear the weather out there is crazy cold at this time of year ... how are you folks holding up? O_O?

Such cute hats!!

Yah, the emotes took soooo long to make, but your current one is adorable too!

And their new album is great. It's such a different style... and a wide range at that *_*

Thanks~! My mom and I have been working on them all month~! XD;; So happy they're well received! *phew~*

I'm actually looking forward to what's going to come from all the new units - I originally thought Ongaku Gatas was going to be a one-shot deal, but I'm surprised they came out with a full album!

Buono!'s also been surprising good too~ They sound and look good together - even though KS says it all sounds like "circus music". XD;

Yeah! I'm really loving Buono!'s new single!! They're so cute too XD

an pan an pan *chants*

yay! XD XD Anpan definitely needs more love~ ^_^

Kixies triggered a revolution *_*

FYI, your nemu @ etsy link on the right sidebar points to the wrong place.

Eeps! Thanks for pointing that out! ^_^;!


I do believe I will be buying an Anpan in the near future. |D

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