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D for Damnation
Finally went to the doctor yesterday to get my head checked. Got prescribed a nice mix of antibiotics and decongestants and have been feeling like a cotton ball has been shoved into my skull and hot air is being blown into my ears.


Not the best for concentration, but I'm 3/4s through my short comic story. Yay! Must hang in there~ TT;;

Today's comic: Sleepover

Click the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

AND - if you missed it yesterday:
Our 2nd Guest Comic: Meghan Murphy of kawaii_not.

Click the preview to see the rest of her comic!

Thanks again medox!

And lastly, if you read our comic, join our street team! We need your help! (Yes - you. You. Yes... YOU.) ^^;

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Deadline chan = sick chan

Oooh, your street team sounds awesome! I run a teen anime club at my library, so I'd be MORE than happy to pass out flyers. I think the anime kids will like your cute manga-style art! I usually hand out full-sheet or half-sheet flyers for things, rather than the type with the tear-aways. Do you have any flyers without the tear-aways, by any chance? (If not, I'll still totally use the ones on your site!)

We'd be more than happy to make ones for your library club! Let us know which designs you think would work best - we can make adjustments, no problem!

Also! E-mail us at info@nemu-nemu.com, we can send the PDF/links directly to you~ (Be sure to include your mailing address so we can add you to the grand prize drawing!!)

Thanks so much! Your help really means a lot to us!

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