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[FFFA] Work in Progress

Man. What a week. Lots of crazy moments that I thought I was going to break things, but today seems a little better than the past couple.


Been doing lots of drawing on the Cintiq - although it gets pretty HOT if I work on it too long. (I half wonder if I get sunburn from the screen - maybe that flushed look?) I find if I work at anything less than 50%, my lines are pretty squiggly and I end up cleaning things up at 100% most of the time. It's nice to be able to correct my drawings instantaneously and not have paper grain all over from the scans.

Speaking of scanners - I have this giant pro format scanner that doesn't seem to work with our Macs. KS has to turn on Parallels/Boot Camp to get it to work, but that's just way too much hassle. If they don't come out with Mac-compatible driver soon (that works!), we might have to consider selling it. *sigh*

And speaking of selling - I can't quite say I'm "panicking" yet, but I'm quite worried about how I'm going to afford my dental implant. My appointment yesterday with the oral surgeon (who extracted my cracked molar 3 months ago) was basically a consultation that cost me $177 out of pocket. No insurance coverage for that. They gave me the estimate for the procedure and I was floored. I'm worried because I somehow have to raise the funds for the surgery... which I hope to schedule sometime in June, AFTER all the major conventions. I'm hoping that our dual coverage kicks in... otherwise I'm seriously screwed.

Living without said tooth is not an option. The last thing I need is for the rest of my teeth to shift and get braces again. (or worse- further surgery...)

Damn teeth.

Possibly more stuff up for sale in the near future. T_T;

Today's comic: Freshly Made

Click on the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

and last, but not least!

Part II, Page 7 of 8 is up at Sugary Serials! Part II ends tomorrow, but stay tuned for the Finale! (Part III in March!)
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