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OMP. I am so crazy busy and behind schedule. This teaches me never to count for weekends as part of my work week. Things like grocery shopping, running errands, eating, etc take up WAY too much time. Dammit - I'm gonna have to start driving and SOON. *~__~*

So~ in light of my crazy busy schedule of the day, just the updates!

First off, we, nemu*nemu, are featured as the cover artists for the latest issue of Sugary Serials

It'll be up only for today on the main page for a short while as the stories will begin rotation very soon! (Which also means, Who is the Crimson Scarab? Part II will start soon!)

If you love pizza like Anpan, today's comic is just for you.

Today's comic: The Origins of the Obsession

Click the preview to see the rest of today's comic!

Thank GOD I have leftover food for lunch! Anything to save time! TwT!