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Wind and Rain (+ Addendum)
GS - Minuki NOOOOO!
So the latest H!P news is that V-U-den is disbanding. I can't say I'm a BIG fan of their music or style, but they have been very entertaining these past years. (The dancing in "Jajauma Paradise" dance shot PV still cracks me up every time I see it!)

ALSO: For those of you who watch Youtube and are remotely interested in anything Morning Musume/Hello! Project related you might recognize the name AmerikaJinMusume.

She's best known for dancing solo to various H!P PVs in her room.

Apparently, she has been asked to join Haromoni in about 2 weeks for a 2 minute segment taping - I think to dance as well as do an announcement in both Japanese and English.


Weather here locally has been super windy with unusually heavy rainfall. Rain isn't uncommon at this time of year and I do enjoy the cooler weather, but the downside is that the winds help push the rain into our kitchen. I didn't close the windows in time and our drying dishes are all covered with dirt. *sigh* I'm still waiting for a good opportunity to wash my clothes as well since I tend to line-dry rather than throw them into the dryer.

Almost the end of the month! I still have 2 covers to work on, aside from a 10-12 page short shorty and interior book art. Good news - most of the strips have been colored, which leaves me with the last 8 or so. I might have a few late nights over the next week.

And lastly! Our friends gave birth to their first child a few days ago! They're all doing well and currently camped out at the hospital until Friday. We battled the rain and traffic to visit yesterday. Very cute~ :D I wish them the best!

Today's comic: "Real Food"

Click on the preview image to view the rest of the comic!

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Wow that's awesome *_*

And good luck on your covers + congrats to the baby~ That's sooo cute!

Tsunku can't keep up with 20 million subgroups after all, with BK, C-ute and MM. Although I thought that vuden would go the way of Melon Kinenbi.

I was sad to hear the news, and Yui is not even 20 yet =(
v-u-den was by far my favorite H!P subgroup =\

... wow she was seriously asked to appear on Haromoni?!


OMG I need to make an Angel Hearts website NOW O_O;

Yeah D: I love biyuuden~ I think they're disbanding as soon as she turns 20 though?

Yeah something like that? =\
But with the direction v-u-den was heading, I was kinda expecting them to step it up once Yui turned 20 and all three of them were adults XD!

v-u-den disbanding makes me sad, and I don't even listen to their music! If only because 2008 was supposed to be the year H!P gets back to being normal again. Oh well, it could be worse... they could be disbanding because of a scandal!

I wanna be invited to Haromoni, but... Haromoni@ sucks so bad compared to Hello! Morning. :( It would've been amazing to get invited to the old show~

Good luck with all your projects! And yay babies XD

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